8 Grade Curriculum Night th

8th Grade Curriculum Night
Sells Middle School
February 11th, 2016
President 2016-17: Jennifer Simonette
•  Library
•  Dances
•  Sellabration
•  Walk Through Supply Sale
•  Gifts to School
•  Support of staff and students
8th Grade Schedule
Five Core Classes
•  Math
•  Science
•  Social Studies
•  Language Arts
•  HS World Language, STEM or Art
8th Grade Schedule
2 Related Arts Electives
•  #1: Music (full year every day) OR Study Center (full
year every day)
•  #2: ONE trimester of Health and TWO trimesters of
either Tech Solutions, Art 8 Survey, or PE (Only music
students may select one or two trimesters of Study
An 8th Grader’s Day at SMS
There will be 8 periods (50 minutes each) including a 30
minute lunch.
Sample Schedule
Period 1:
Period 2:
Period 3:
Period 4:
Period 5:
Period 6:
Period 7:
Period 8:
Health/PE/Tech Solutions
Social Studies
²  Math 8
² Algebra I *
² Geometry *
*One high school credit will be issued and the grade earned will be
part of the student’s high school GPA and transcript.
Your child will automatically be placed into the correct math class.
There are no advance credit classes available this summer in
Dublin City Schools.
Science 8
* Force and motion
* Earth Science
* Space Science
* Life Science
Physical Science (If taking Algebra I or Geometry – student
qualifies to take this course)
* Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, heat, sound,
and light are some of the main topics covered.
* Successful students are able to master new
material quickly, with little repetition.
* This course will be included in the calculation
of the students’ high school GPA.
World Languages
Level 1:
•  These courses will be included in the
calculation of high school GPA
•  Spanish I offered at SMS (No previous
experience in Spanish is required)
•  Other Level I classes to be offered at a high
school (most likely Coffman) include: German,
Japanese, Chinese, and French –
transportation to these courses will not be
provided. (Always first period – Start time is
7:55 a.m.)
Art 8
In this hands-on class, students will further develop and refine their
skills in: Drawing, Painting, Print Making and Ceramics
Gateway to Technology STEM
STEM is a year-long project-oriented, interdisciplinary course in
which students use science, mathematics, engineering and
technological knowledge to investigate real-world problems.
Related Arts (One Period)
•  Music meets Daily! They do not have a
regularly scheduled study center.
Related Arts continued
Technology Solutions
•  Technology Solutions is a semester-long (A/B day),
project-oriented course where students will access,
analyze, and critique messages in a variety of forms
including commercials and advertisements.
•  Students will also develop digital resources through video
broadcasting, graphic design, and other media tools to
support their own learning or school programs.
Related Arts continued
Physical Education 8
•  Physical Education 8 involves fitness activities, a net
sport, and at least one additional unit per grade level. It is
a semester A/B day course.
Art 8 Survey
Students will:
Create artwork in many different types of art media
Explore drawing, painting, ceramics and sculpture
Explore how art relates to their world
Create, discuss, write about and reflect on their own work
Scheduling for 8th Grade
•  Students will receive 8th grade course selection
sheets the week of February 16th.
•  Course selection sheets are due to 1st period
teachers by February 23rd.
•  Middle School Course Handbook will be
available on our website (Draft Version)
What to expect for testing. . .
•  MAP
Ø Fall and Winter and Spring
Ø Reading and Math
•  AIR/State Testing
Ø Spring
Ø Math, ELA, Algebra I, Geometry, Biology,
•  End of Course Exams (for graduation
College Credit Plus
Program Eligibility
o  Students in Grades 7 – 12
o  Apply to the College or University
o  ACT, SAT, or Compass Score
Grading and Credits
o  Grades are part of GPA
o  Earn High School Credit and College Credits
Financial and Transportation Obligations
o  Tuition, Books and Fees Covered by District
o  Family Responsible for Transportation
College Credit Plus
Counseling Services
o  High School or Middle School Counselors – February
o  College Counselors – See Your College Website
Enrollment and Scheduling
o  Meet with HS Counselor – February
o  Letter of Intent – April 1st
o  Apply to College or University – Visit their Website
o  Meet with College Advisor – May/June or Oct./Nov.
o  College Credit Plus Contract – Aug. 15th and/or Dec. 15th
Student Responsibilities
o  Academically Ready for College
o  Communicate with Counselors
o  Know both High School and College Rules and Regulations
College Credit Plus
o  Expanded Curriculum Offerings
o  Earn HS and College Credits
o  Financial Support for College Courses
o  Increased Student Responsibility
o  Effect on Grade Point Average
o  Increased Travel and Study Time
o  Less Opportunity for Extra-Curriculars and Jobs
o  No Parent Communication from College – FERPA Laws
Summer Mailing
•  End of July
•  Start of Year Information
•  Information Gathering
•  Dashboard Reminders
•  Walk Through Information
•  Thank You PTO!!!
Walk Through
•  August 11 – 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM
•  PTO Supply Sale
•  Student Pictures
•  Yearbook Order
•  Dashboard Information
Ø  ProgressBook
•  Lockers
First Day of School
•  Wednesday, August 17, 2016
Thank you for coming!