Strong Reading policies_guidelines

Welcome to Mrs. Strong’s 7th Grade Reading
Class expectations:
Composition books
 Each student will be keeping BOTH a reading and writing composition book.
 They will be a MAJOR GRADE at the end of every 9 weeks.
Student Planners
 Students are expected to check the planner on EDMODO DAILY and adhere to all
Late work
 If a student is absent for ANY reason, you must do the make up work. It is the
STUDENT’S responsibility to get the work from the “While You Were Away” folder. I
understand being away, but the students will be held accountable in this class.
Quizzes or tests missed while absent will be made up upon return of the student.
This class will follow ALL of the rules in the Student Handbook along with:
 Be in your seat BEFORE the time the tardy bell rings
 Raise your hand and wait to be called upon
 Arrive prepared for class EVERY DAY! (see supply list)
 Do not get out of seat without permission
 Treat everyone with respect and in order to be respected
I will reward students throughout the year with badges in Edmodo for displaying
exceptional behavior. Once a student receives 10 badges, they are allowed 10 bonus points
on an assignment of choice, not exceeding 15 points per assignment. Students may also
save badges and use 100 of them for full credit on one daily grade.
Level 2 & 3 offenses are automatic write-ups. Level 1 offenses will be handled the following
way. (See Code of Conduct for explanation of level 1-3 offenses.)
 1st Offense - Warning
 2nd Offense - Student - Teacher Conference with signature of student on discipline
 3rd Offense - Parent - Teacher Conference
Hall Passes:
Each student will receive ONE set of 20 hall passes. Students are allowed to use passes 5
times during a 9 weeks. Students with ALL remaining hall passes will be rewarded 5 bonus
points to an assignment of choice.
Tardy Passes:
Tardy passes will be given to any student who is not IN THEIR SEAT by the time the bell
rings. If you forgot to bring something. (see supply list) then you may go get it, but you
must have a tardy pass in order to return to class. If you have used all of your hall passes
and need to leave, you may do so, but will not be allowed to return to class without a tardy
Classroom Treatment:
All items in the classroom should be treated with respect including desk, tables, books, or
anything that belongs to the classroom. It is also important to keep the classroom as clean
as it was upon arrival. Messes left in the classroom will be the responsibility of the student
whose desk is closest to the mess.
Academic Dishonesty:
Academic dishonesty (any form of cheating) will not be tolerated in this class. If a student is
caught cheating, or allowing another student to cheat from their work, a ZERO will be
earned on that assignment, as well as normal school discipline (see Code of Conduct).
Lack of Supplies:
If a student comes to class without an item from the supply list, and they are not going to
take a tardy, I will provide the needed supplies with a COLLATERAL of $.25 (collateralsomething given to the loaner and kept until the leaned item is returned. That something is
then returned to the borrower.)
2 Composition Notebooks
2 pencils
2 Glue Sticks
2 rolls of tape
Markers and/or Colored Pencils
Pencil Bag
Participation, Quizzes, and Daily Class Work/Group Work will make up 40%
Reading projects, Composition Book, and CBA’s will make up 60%.
There are two things we can control in our actions. Our attitude, and our effort. I
simply ask that each student controls and excels at both to the best of their ability!
We have read both pages of Mrs. Strong’s classroom policies and procedures. If we have
any questions or concerns, we know that we can call Mrs. Strong for clarification.
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