Alphabet Biography Project

Alphabet Biography Project – 100 points
GOAL: To create an alphabet book relating to the person you are reading
about. This should be from your autobiography, personal narrative, memoir,
or biography.
1. Write a brief, one paragraph introduction about your person. This
paragraph should include background info., including reasons for why
this person is important.
2. Identify a term/word for each letter of the alphabet. (may use a
short phrase as well).
3. Explain the term/word or its connection to the person in two or
three sentences.
4. Choose a picture or clipart to support each term.
 Include no more than 3 letters/terms on a page.
36 point.
Font for terms should be 16 point.
First letter of term should be in
Font for description of terms should be in 12 point.
First page should be introductory page. Hole punch each letter
page and put all pages in ABC order. Staple booklet together or
use a folder with fasteners to secure the book.
Include the title of the book, author, and your name on the front
of the folder. Decorate the front of the folder, including pics,
illustrations, or graphics pertaining to your person.
Suggestions for Terms: (no more than 2 names or 2 places may be used)
themes (“big ideas”)
character traits
places of residence
important people
Sample “A” page for “Fish Cheeks”
Amy’s struggle to accept the traditions in her Chinese culture were
evident in her reactions to the Christmas dinner that her parents prepared.
Amy’s parents were encouraging her to develop an appreciation for her
culture by providing her with love and support.
Name ______________________________ Per. _______
Rubric for Biography/Autobiography Project
________ Cover (includes title, author, & pictures)
________ Background info. page describing character (1 par. in length,
informative, interesting info.)
________ Choice of Terms
(chooses a variety of suggested terms, thought-provoking &
________ Description of Terms (thorough explanations, 2 or more sent.)
________ Neatness (pictures and text are neatly arranged)
________ Graphics / Pictures ( creative, attractive, connection to term)
________ Grammar/Spelling (sentence structure, punctuation)
________ Followed directions (abc order, 3 letters max. per page)
Total Points
________ Grade