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SITTIND001B Develop and update tourism industry knowledge
Activity: Identifying how tourism shapes the
local economy, society, culture and
1. Choose/nominate your region?
There will be many varying responses to this activity depending on where you live and
work, however most of you will discover from your research that tourism definitely has a
significant impact on your region.
Consider the following example in relation to the city of Wangaratta. Wangaratta is a rural
city located in North-East Victoria. The city is recognised as a municipality that offers a
premier provincial lifestyle. The region is famous for world class wine and gourmet food.
It is the gateway to Victoria’s major ski fields. With its spectacular scenery, the region is
viewed by tourists as the ‘hub’ from which to explore North-East Victoria and Southern
New South Wales.
2. Which specific tourism businesses operate in this region?
There are two retail travel agents situated in Wangaratta. They are Harvey World Travel
and Flight Centre. There is also a Visitor Information Centre, intrastate/interstate coach
line booking offices, and also the VicRail network and station.
3. What types of jobs/employment does tourism generate in your region?
Employment available in the tourism industry in Wangaratta are in the sectors of retail
travel, information services, and transport. Specific jobs could be in sales, product
management, guiding, etc.
4. Which other specific businesses in the region do you think may benefit significantly
by visitor spending?
Businesses to benefit from tourist spending within the city would be the restaurants, pubs,
cafes, and the Performing Arts Centre. During winter the ski-hire outlets in the city as well
as surrounding districts would benefit from the hire (and some sales) of ski equipment and
clothing. There are also numerous world class wineries and restaurants situated in the
surrounding district such as Milawa, Glenrowan, and Rutherglen, which attract large
tourist numbers.
5. In what ways do you think tourism has changed the physical ‘look’ of the area?
The city has undergone an improvement in infrastructure, such as upgrades of local
intersections and the transit point for the interstate/intrastate coach line. This transit point
has been upgraded to a comfortable waiting area with shelter and adequate lighting. It is
also situated on the main road through the city providing ample security, especially for
those people travelling at night. The main street area has been reduced to a single lane
allowing for extra street parking and seating. The pedestrian areas are neatly paved and
sufficiently wide giving a spacious appearance. The overall presentation of the main street
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SITTIND001B Develop and update tourism industry knowledge
area has been upgraded with fresh paint, pot plants and adequate signage. The city has also
seen the addition of cycle and walk ways along the Ovens River and its estuaries. In fact,
residents and tourists can ride/walk all the way to Bright, some 70km away! This feature is
popular with adventurous tourists planning a roving camping/biking/hiking trip in the
6. Has the natural environment been altered in any way to assist tourism?
Vegetation has been increased, due to council issuing a directive that a certain quota of
trees and shrubs be planted around newly erected or renovated buildings. Pot plants have
been situated along the main streetscape area enhancing the look of the area. Improved
signage has been erected to guide drivers to popular tourist areas.
7. In what ways are local residents affected by tourists in holiday periods?
Local residents would experience a larger volume of people throughout the main
streetscape areas and public parks, however to no real disadvantage. The city is spacious
with many attractions and forms of entertainment on offer.
8. From where in the area might you find information about tourism?
Information on tourist areas within the district are available from Visitor Information
Centres in Wangaratta, Albury, Wodonga, Benalla, Corowa, Rutherlgen, Yarrawonga,
Glenrowan, Myrtleford, Bright, Milawa, etc. The region is famous for world-class wines
and gourmet food, spectacular scenery and natural beauty, historic legends (e.g. Ned
Kelly’s World at Glenrowan) and cultural heritage, numerous national parks, and an
extensive river system.
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