Please refer to the ACVSc Red Book
These guidelines relate to the discipline of general avian medicine which includes veterinary care for
cage, aviary and wild birds. Commercial poultry medicine is considered a separate discipline and has
separate guidelines.
Candidates are expected to be able to identify and to demonstrate that they have sound comparative
knowledge of the husbandry, medicine and surgery of species and varieties of birds which are
commonly encountered in avian practice in Australia and New Zealand. These include:
Native and exotic bird species which are legally kept as cage or aviary birds in Australia and New
Backyard and pet poultry, including waterfowl and game birds (but not commercial poultry)
Ostriches and emus
Common wild birds
Candidates will be expected to demonstrate sound knowledge of the following fields and to be able to apply
this knowledge to clinical problem solving.
Principles of avian medicine including
Anatomy, physiology, embryology, pharmacology, immunology, pathology, toxicology,
aetiological agents.
Organ systems - gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, respiratory, integumentary,
nervous/special senses, urogenital & reproductive, endocrine,
Application of avian medicine including
Diagnostics (haematology, biochemistry, cytology, general), diagnostic imaging (radiology,
ultrasound), therapeutics, internal medicine, ophthalmology, dermatology, neurology,
reproduction, soft tissue surgery, orthopaedics, beak repair, anaesthesiology, incubation
techniques, paediatrics, public health, husbandry/preventative medicine, nutrition, genetics,
Welfare issues
Infectious diseases of birds exotic to Australasia which could be introduced, including those
of importance to poultry.
The interactions between genetic, nutritional and environmental factors and disease.
Candidates will be expected to be competent at practical skills associated with the discipline, including
catching and handling, clinical examination, history taking, diagnostic sampling, splint and bandage
application, surgery and necropsy techniques.
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