Status: April 7th, 2014

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CNC Tube Bending Machines
Time-optimized and precise control
Today, processes in the producing industry must be faster, more
cost-effective and more individualized. Saving even a few seconds
has a noticeable effect on production efficiency. The new machine
control from Schwarze-Robitec reduces auxiliary process time to a
minimum. The bending machine manufacturer has broken down the
original sequence of the bending process and arranged the individual
steps synchronously. The new, effort-saving control software is
supplemented by an integrated diagnostic and maintenance tool
which minimizes downtimes. Schwarze-Robitec will be presenting the
new development for the first time at the Tube 2014 in Düsseldorf at
Booth E27 in Hall 5.
“There are already a range of systems on the market, which allow individual
processes to run simultaneously where possible”, explains Bert Zorn,
Managing Director at Schwarze-Robitec. “Our control goes a crucial step
further. It already prepares the respectively next working step during
execution of the current process. Just-in-time, so to speak“. An example:
While the tube is being fed to the tool, the clamping functions close almost
fully. This means that the tool is immediately ready for the next bending
step when the tube reaches its target position.
For Schwarze-Robitec it was also very important to develop a simple,
intuitive and effort-saving control. “In the past years, the number of machine
functions has increased strongly”, reports Hartmut Stöhr, also Managing
Director. “Before, the operator had to select and configure more and more
parameters and functions. Now, our control takes over this time-intensive
work as a standard feature. “The software finds the optimal parameters for
the respective bending order thus reducing cycle times considerably.
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Press release
Menu navigation and structure are also designed in a clear manner which
simplifies workflow additionally. The integrated diagnostic and maintenance
tool guides the operator through all setting and optimizing steps and checks
all data reliably for validity. If the machine operator forgets to define a
parameter, the tool will remind him of this. “Fitted with such aids, our control
software clearly contributes to faster and more economical production
processes”, supplements Stöhr in conclusion. At the fair booth E27 in Hall 5
of the Tube in Düsseldorf the Schwarze-Robitec specialists will personally
provide information about the advantages of the new machine control in
April 7th, 2014
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The new, easy-to-operate machine control from Schwarze-Robitec clocks
the individual working steps synchronous for time-optimized production.
Schwarze-Robitec GmbH – The Company
Having been founded in 1903, Schwarze-Robitec is among the international leading experts
in the area of tube bending machines. Since 2011, the company has been run by Managing
Directors Bert Zorn and Hartmut Stöhr. At the head office in Cologne, the cold-bending
machine specialist currently employs 130 staff. The company is represented worldwide
through long-standing partners. As early as in 1977, Schwarze-Robitec produced the world’s
first CNC tube bending machine. Over 2,400 machines have been sold to date, many of
which have been in unrestricted use in production for over 35 years. In addition to tube
bending machines and bending tools, the range supplied by Schwarze-Robitec also includes
tube perforating machines, measuring systems and solutions in special engineering. Without
exception, the Schwarze-Robitec list of references includes all of the prestigious
manufacturers from the automotive industry, energy sector and shipbuilding. Furthermore,
the company’s solutions are used in aerospace and many other industries. More information
about Schwarze-Robitec can be found online at
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Press release
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