Course outline Data security and Cryptography

School of Computer Science and Software Engineering
Faculty of Information Technology
Monash University, Caulfield
CSE 5210
Advances in Information Security
COT 4230, COT 4350 or
Introduction to data communications and introduction to database systems
Distributed Systems,
Information Storage and Retrieval
On completion of this subject, the student should understand the factors influencing the security of data in
distributed systems, especially transaction processing systems.
The security of data is vital to the organisation owning the data. Modern transaction processing systems must also
provide for the privacy of other parties to the transaction. This subject addresses these issues.
52 nominal hours of student contact consisting of lectures and seminars
Assignments 50%; a paper 50%.
Secure computer systems.
Privacy; Information Systems Security.
The security requirements of parties to a transaction: privacy, proof of identity, ownership, license, signature,
notarisation, date of action, certification of origination and/or receipt.
Cryptology: types of cryptoanalytic attacks on a cryptosystem; cryptographic systems; protocols.
Secret key systems: information theory; one time pads; DES; pseudo random number generators and other
current developments.
Public key systems: one way functions; public-key distribution; RSA cryptosystems; discrete logarithm systems;
zero knowledge proofs and other current developments.
Applications: open channel key exchange; digital signature; user identification; electronic funds transfer; the
electronic wallet; traceable versus untraceable EFT; contract negotiation and signature; smart card applications.
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