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Ben Voth
Chair of Communication Studies (2010-2013), Director of Debate & Speech,
Associate professor, Southern Methodist University, PhD-Kansas (1994)
Expertise: Public speaking and presentation, communication,
argumentation, debate, communication and human
rights, and rhetoric.
Purpose: Researching and teaching to help people find their voice in the world.
Major instructional clients:
• City of Plano-- leadership programs 2009-present The City of Plano conducts a comprehensive
leadership program for select city employees. The program features a component designed to
improve public presentations to the City Council and the Mayor.
Bush Institute in the George W. Bush Presidential Center 2012-present I collaborated with
director Amity Shlaes, former director of Economic growth, to create special economic debate
programs and judge training (2012 & 2013). I worked with director Amanda Schnetzer, director
of Human Freedom, to create public speaking and argument programming for Burmese dissidents
Dallas Urban Debate Alliance I host and assist with an extensive public communication
program directed at DISD middle school and high school students (2008- present). Students learn
to argue, research, and think critically about current issues through debate pedagogy.
United States Holocaust Museum Washington DC 2006 -2007 I taught, coached, and
evaluated holocaust survivors for the purpose of improving their ability to present their personal
stories in public.
Major recent academic publications:
The Rhetoric of Genocide: Death as a Text. Rowman & Littlefield. (2014). [book]
• “Presidential Debates 2012,” in The 2012 Presidential Campaign: A Communication Perspective.
edited by Robert Denton Jr., Rowman & Littlefield: New York (2014), pp. 45-56.
• Chapter 13. “‘Saturday Night Live’ and Presidential Elections,” in Morris Jonathan S., and Jody C.
Baumgartner, eds.. Laughing Matters: Humor and American Politics in the Media Age. New York:
Routledge, 2008, pp. 229-240.
Popular publications:
• “What 'The Great Debater' James Farmer Can Teach Us Today,” KERA— NPR affiliate for
Dallas, Texas, January 12, 2015,
“JFK’s undelivered speech gave vision of where he wanted to lead U.S.,” Dallas Morning News,
November 12, 2013,
“Changing American Political Debates,” NPR affiliate KERA in Dallas, news commentary,, October 30, 2008.
Major Student speech & debate coaching work:
for more detailed information see
National Champions in novice debate, persuasive speaking, impromptu speaking and rhetorical
criticism: 1999, 2000, 2003, 2004, and 2013. Coached semifinalists of the NDT in 1994.
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