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Publications by researcher staff with the Bioinformatics Consulting Center
<> at Penn State University, for the academic year 2003-2004.
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Istvan Albert
Reka Albert, Istvan Albert and Gary L. Nakarado. (2004)
Structural Vulnerability of the North American Power Grid
Physical Review E, 69, 025103(R)
Istvan Albert and Reka Albert. (2004) Conserved network motifs allow protein-protein
interaction prediction. Bioinformatics, to appear.
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Stephen Racunas , Nigam Shah, Istvan Albert and Nina Fedoroff (2004).
HyBrow - A Prototype System for Computer Aided Hypothesis Evaluation,
International Conference for Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology, ISMB
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Naomi Altman
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Experiments (submitted to Applied Bioinformatics)
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Phylogeny and Expression of Plant Cyclins
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Chromosomes? (submitted to Journal of Computational Statistics and Data Analysis)
Gary Chase
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Genetics 12: 23-32, 2003.
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Francesca Chiaromonte
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Wenlei Liu
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frequencies, linkage disequilibrium and heterozygosity in different races and ethnic
groups. BMC Genetics 4:13, 2003.
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on genetic counseling. (Submitted to BMC Medical Genetics)
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to Am J Hypertens)
Izabela Makalowska
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Current Biology.
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Pathology. In press