Sir John A Macdonald Shout-Out Game

Kingston Frontenac Public Library
Jo Stanbridge, Librarian
Local History and Genealogy
29 October 2014
Sir John A Macdonald "Shout-Out Game"
for Students
How it Works
1. Print out four copies of this document. Keep one copy for yourself.
2. From the remaining three copies, cut out the pictures and source citations.
Discard the narrative.
3. Fold each of the picture-strips in half.
4. Put them all into a top hat.
5. Each student pulls a picture out of the hat and writes his/her name on the back.
6. There are multiple copies of each picture, so more than one student will have
the same picture.
7. Show the slides on the screen (Powerpoint presentation.)
8. Each section of Sir John A's life is introduced by a "secret word."
9. Read out the facts about his life and show the picture(s) that illustrate each fact.
10. If the student has a picture that matches the one on the screen, s/he calls out
the "secret word."
The first student to call it out is allowed to put his/her ticket back into the hat.
11. At the end of the game, draw a name out of the hat. The raffle winner gets a
1843 Sir John A Macdonald's First Wife
In 1843 married his first cousin, Isabella Clark Macdonald (1811-1857). Within a year Isabella
began to suffer from a chronic illness. She became an invalid. They had two children, John
Alexander (who died when he was 13 months old) and Hugh John.
When Hugh John was seven years old, his mother Isabella died (28 December 1857). She was
buried in the Macdonald family plot in Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston.
Portrait of Sir John A Macdonald's first wife, Isabella
Clark, by William Sawyer, 1852, [online] Library and
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1848 Bellevue House, Kingston
John A. Macdonald moved into Bellevue house with his wife Isabella Clark and their son John
Alexander in 1848.
Bellevue House National Historic Site of Canada
[online] Parks Canada website
( : accessed 28 October
1911 Fire Insurance Plan of Kingston, showing
Bellevue House on Centre Street, Sheet 47 [detail],
from Kingston Frontenac Public Library Collection.
Available online at
1867 February - Sir John A Macdonald's Second Wife
John A. Macdonald married while he was based in London preparing the British North America
Act. They got married in February 1867.
Five months later, on the day Canada was born, John A. was knighted and his new wife became
Lady Susan Agnes Macdonald.
Lady S. Agnes Macdonald and daughter Mary [online]
Library and Archives Canada (
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1867 July 1
Confederation. Canada's birthday.
On July 1st, 1867, the Province of Canada united with New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to form
the Dominion of Canada. Canada's Birthday.
Front Page of Daily British Whig 1 July 1867
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Royal Proclamation of Canadian Confederation,
1867, [online] Sir John A Macdonald Bicentennial
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Photo by taken by James Ashfield in 1885 of a
painting called The Fathers of Confederation, by
Robert Harris. The original painting was destroyed
in a fire at the Parliament Buildings in 1916.
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1867 John A Macdonald's Law Office in Kingston
Title Page of Sutherland's General Directory for the City of
Kingston for 1867, [online] Internet Archive
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Entry for Honorable John A. Macdonald's law office, from
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1891 June 6
Sir John A Macdonald died at his home in Ottawa.
He lay in state in the Senate Chamber in Parliament. Roses from Queen Victoria were placed on
his chest.
His funeral train travelled to Kingston.
The Prime Minister's coffin was displayed at City Hall in Kingston.
He was buried in Cataraqui Cemetery, in Kingston, near other members of his family.
Sir John A. MacDonald lying in state in the Senate Chamber,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 8 June 1891 [online] Wikimedia
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23 October 1895 Unveiling of Statue in City Park
Ribbon commemorating the unveiling of a statue
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