The EU’s new Culture programme will invest €400 million between 2007 and
2013 to help construct a common European cultural space. It is divided into three
strands: cultural actions (strand one), cultural bodies (strand two) and analysis
and dissemination activities (strand three).
Support for Cultural Actions (Strand 1) ~ The first strand of the Culture
programme encourages organisations to work together on cultural and artistic
projects. Its support for cultural actions is divided into three sub-categories.
 Multi-annual, trans-national cultural links encouraging collaboration
across sectors to develop joint cultural funding a maximum of €500 000 a
 actions shared by at least three cultural operators, working across sectors,
from at least three eligible countries over a maximum period of two years.
Actions that explore means of long-term co-operation are especially
targeted. Funds of between €50 000 and €200 000.
 high-profile actions of substantial scale and scope, raising awareness
among Europeans of the cultural diversity within Europe and contribute
to intercultural and international dialogue.
Support for European Cultural Bodies (Strand 2) ~ Support for European cultural
bodies aims to develop cultural co-operation among Member States to enhance a
stronger sense of European citizenship through sharing both diverse cultural
experiences and participating in a common cultural heritage.
Support for analyses and dissemination activities (Strand 3) ~ To maximise the
benefit from the various projects and actions the EU funds requires the widest
possible dissemination of its results and the careful assessment of these results
and how they measure up against objectives.
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