Natural and Herbal

Natural and Herbal
Remedies for Sciatica
Table of Contents
What is Sciatica?
Some Causes of Sciatica
Natural Healing for Sciatica
Move Gently, Take Your Time
The Alexander Technique
McKenzie Exercises
Muscle Relaxation Techniques
Core Stability Exercises
Herbal Remedies for Sciatica
What is Sciatica?
Sciatica comes about when one of the five spinal nerve roots that create each sciatic
nerve are compressed or irritated. It can also occur when either the right, left, or
both sides of the sciatic nerves are compressed or irritated. Sciatica is sometimes
also referred to as Lumbar Radiculopahy, which is a condition that results when the
sciatic nerves are compressed because of a herniated disk in the lower back.
Pain most often accompanies this, and it can be felt the most in the lower back,
buttocks, legs, and feet. There can also be numbness, weakness of muscles, or a
general ‘pins and needles’ or tingling sensation in the legs. Difficulties controlling
or moving the legs can also occur.
Symptoms are usually only present on one side of the body, but in serious cases they
can strike both sides. Furthermore, prolonged exposure to severe cold weather can
cause symptoms to be felt more.
Sciatica itself is really just a set of symptoms, not the main problem or issue that is
producing the pain on the nerve roots. Your treatment will depend on what
symptoms and level of pain you’re experiencing.
Some Causes of Sciatica
Lumber nerves L3, L4, and L5, as well as sacral nerves S1, S2, and S3, are the most
commonly affected nerves when it comes to your body and sciatica.
Spinal Disc Herniation
One of the most common reasons that people develop sciatica is because of spinal
disc herniation, which is when one of the spinal discs is pressed against the sciatic
nerve roots. These cartilage discs then bulge outward, causing a tear and extruding
into the spinal canal. When these discs press up against the lamina or pedicle of one
of the vertebra, sciatica occurs, as well as a lot of pain. The liquid that then leaks
from the center of the discs may cause inflammation, swelling, and a great deal of
Another way that sciatica can form is through tumors that form and press up against
the spinal cord or the nerve routes. Spinal tumors can produce:
 agonizing back pain that extends from the hips to the feet;
 problems controlling your bladder or bowl movements;
 weakness of the muscles.
Severe trauma, such as that found after a car accident, can also be a cause of sciatica
caused by a herniated disc.