Guidelines for submitting an Abstract

Guidelines for submitting an Abstract
N. Saito1, O. Takai2
Green Mobility Collaborative Research Center, Nagoya University, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya
464-8603, Japan
Materials and Surface Engineering Research Institute, Kanto Gakuin University,
Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama 236-0004, Japan
Abstract should be short, clear, concise and written in English with correct spelling and
good sentence structure. The abstract should be submitted by e-mail (address: with a minimum length of 300 words and a maximum
length of one page in a 16 x 24 cm frame. Mathematical symbols and equations must be
typed in, and metric symbols should be used. Abstract must be a Microsoft WORD document
formatted to 160 mm (width) x 240 mm (height/length). The required styles for the abstract
are illustrated in this Microsoft WORD document. It may be used as a template for production
of your abstracts by cutting and pasting of unformatted text to maintain the documents present
format. Follow this example in preparing your abstract. Single spacing and a 12-point font
(Times New Roman or Times) are preferred. The abstract is composed of the head and the
main text. In the head section, abstract title and names, affiliation and address of the authors
should be given. (1) Title should be typed in [bold face, 14pts] (title only). Identify the
presenting author by underlining the name. (2) Affiliation should be indicated with
superscripted suffix Arabic numerals of symbol, E-mail(s), if preferred, can be added after the
corresponding affiliation(s). Do not append degrees, professional designations, etc., to the
names. (3) Type the text body flush left-and-right (justified) in 12-point fonts.