Course contents

University of Jordan
Dept. of Geology and Environment
Course: Environmental Geology
Instructor: Dr. Mustafa Al Kuisi
Semester: First @ 2008/2009
Monday, Wedensday12:30-14
The term Environmental Geology is usually restricted to refer particularly to
geology as it relates directly to human activities, and that is the focus of this
course. In this course we will examine how geologic processes and hazards influence
human activities, the geologic aspects of pollution and waste disposal problems.
Why Environmental Geology? One reason for studying environmental Geology might
simply be curiosity about the way the earth works, about the how and why of
natural phenomena.
Text Book: Montgomery, C. W. (2006): Environmental Geology. –
Wm C. Brown Publsihers, 496pp.
Course contents:
I. Introduction
1. Our place in the environment
II. Geology Frame work
1. The home planet
2. Earth systems and cycles
3. Earth Structure and material
III. Hazardous geologic processes
1. Earthquakes
2. Volcanic eruptions
3. Tsunamis
4. Landslides and mass wasting
5. Subsidence
6. Floods
7. Hazards of oceans and weather
8. Meteoric impact
IV. Using and caring for earth resources
1. The nature of earth resources
2. Fossil fuel
3. Energy alternatives
4. Mineral resources
5. Soil resources
6. Water resources
Human impact on the environment
1. Managing wastes
2. Waste disposal
3. Contaminants in the geologic environment
1. Bennett, M. R., and Doyle, P., (1997): Environmental Geology, Geology and the
environment. –Wiley, 248pp.
2. Keller, E. A. (1988): Environmental Geology. –Merrill Publishing Company, 450pp.
4. Merritts, D., Dewet, A. and Menking, K. (1998): Environmental Geology. –
5. Murck, B. W., Skinner, B. J. and Porter, S. C. (1996): Environmental Geology. –
Wiley, 336pp.
6. Reynolds, J. M. (1997): An introduction to applied and environmental geophysics.
Recommended Journals and Websites:
I. Journal
1. Environmental Geology Journal
2. Geotimes
II. Website
1. http://
2. Environmental Geology Home Page
1st hourly exam: 25%
2 hourly exam: 25%
Final exam to be announced later
Office Hours: Daily 9-10
With compliments and good wishes
Dr. Mustafa Al Kuisi