Geologists at Work

Geologists at Work
1. Read the earth’s history.
2. What did the core samples of our
cupcakes teach us?
Rock Cycle
1. What is the Rock Cycle?
2. Draw the Rock Cycle
What IN Earth
1. Label the layers of the Earth
2. What layer did each food
1. What is Pangea?
2. What evidence was there for
Break! Smash! Slide!
1. What are 4 ways plates move?
2. What are tectonic plates?
Earthquakes & Volcanoes
1. What sets off an earthquake?
2. What are the 3 types of
3. Label the parts of the volcano.
1. What is weathering?
2. When can rocks be weathered?
3. What’s the difference between
chemical and physical weathering?
4. Match weathering to scenario.
5. What are the 4 agents of chemical
6. What are the 5 types of physical
Wind & Gravitational Erosion
1. Where do people in MI notice
erosion the most?
2. Explain what happened in the wind
erosion lab.
3. What causes landslides?
Glacial Erosion
1. What are glaciers and where do
they form?
2. How do glaciers form?
3. What are 2 characteristics of a
glacier that help it shape the land?
4. How did the secret glacier mixture
act like a real glacier?
Rivers & Stream Erosion
1. What does lateral erosion do?
2. What does vertical erosion do?
3. What are the 4 types of stream
4. What are the 4 factors that
influence river volume?
5. What are the 3 factors that
influence river velocity?
6. What are the materials that a
river carries called?
7. What are the 4 types of
8. What is the start of a river
9. Where do streams end their