List of Publications of Dr

List of Publications of Dr. Muhammad Aleem
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in Highly Skewed Accounting Population, Gomal
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"Proportionate Allocation" in Highly
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Fever Replicates JOPAS Vol. 9(1) PP 59-62.
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"ROHI" in Haroonabad JOPAS Vol. 9(1) PP 53-57.
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difference between any two Order Statistics from Pareto distribution and
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and its Component in Inter Varietal Crosses of Gossypium Hirsutum L.
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Advance Studies of Quality Characters in Cotton, Sci. Int. Vol. 7(3) PP
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must be controlled But how? J.Edu. Res. Vol. 3(1) PP 60-65.
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function of Generalized Order Statistics from two Parameter
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Quotient Of Order Statistics from the Pareto, Power, Weibull and
Exponential Distributions Using Millen transform Technique JOR
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20 Aleem M. and Ahmed M. (2003 ),Concomitants of Lower Record Values from
Bivariate Inverse Rayleigh distribution, presented in seminar on “BioInformatics, Information Technology & Bio-Statistics” held on Dec. 27
28, at NCBA & E, Lahore,Pakistan.
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Statistics from Inverse Weibull distribution, J. of Stats. vol. X (2) pp 1-7.
22. Aleem M. (2003), Teaching Statistics to Non-Specialists:How to Make a
Statistics Course useful by Focusing on Applications,J.of
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Product and Inverse Moments of Lower Record Values from Inverse
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Order Statistics and Characterization From Inverse Weibull Distribution
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25. Aleem M.( 2004), Exact and Limiting Distributions of the Record Values. J. of
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27. Aleem M.(2005),On Moment Generating Function of Order Statistics from
Truncated Power Function Distribution.Proc.ICCS-VIII,Dec.19-22,
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Akhtar N, Khan M.S, Ahmed M, Aziz G. and Aleem M. (2006),The Effect of
Binders on the Bioavailability of Ofloxacin Tablets in Human
Volunteers.Bull.Pharm.Sci.,Assiut University,Vol.29,part 1,June pp.95109.
Book Published
Aleem M. and Naeem M. (1989),“Basic Concepts of Statistics” Book Place,.