Interaction Techniques Paper

Interaction Techniques Paper
Fall 2009 HE 152
Due November 18, 2009
This paper gives you the opportunity to define, discuss and analyze the aspects of
Mistaken Behaviors and the subsequent Guidance Techniques or Strategies.
You will need to:
 Define the aspect (attachment, communication skills, family size, family
structure, cognitive skills, etc.) and how they relate to the overall mistaken
behavior of the child and how we might approach this.
 Discuss 2 guidance techniques or strategies to assist the child with this mistaken
behavior. You will need to consult at least 4 articles on each of these guidance
strategies and what has been presented in class, and your textbook
 Explain the specific strengths and weaknesses of each guidance technique or
strategy and how effective this might be in resolving the mistaken behavior.
 Summarize how you would use these specific guidance techniques or strategies
in the future to prevent mistaken behavior and eliminate mistaken behavior.
This paper needs to be typed, double spaced and in the standard format of a paper for
your English Class. I am expecting your original work in this paper, if you are quoting
something form another article, you will need to use footnotes and follow standard
documentation. You will also need a bibliography, which includes the references for
our text, and the articles that you read. You need to print out the articles from the
internet AND SUBMIT THESE ARTICLES WITH YOUR PAPER. You will be docked points if
the articles are not submitted with your paper.
The DUE date for this paper is 8:00 AM on Wednesday November 18 and you will
be sharing this paper with our class on that day.
If you would like utilize the Writing Center, you can earn extra credit points for your
paper. You will need to show documentation that you were in there. (This
documentation could be a draft of your paper with the suggestions that are made by the
writing center or signature of the Writing Center instructor)
Grading for this paper will be as follows:
Content of the paper
Definition and description of each guidance concept
Incorporation of the different viewpoints from the articles that were in the
bibliography with our textbook and classroom discussion
Implementation of each guidance strategy or technique
Literary integrity, which includes grammar, spelling, sentence structure,
bibliography and other factors
This paper is worth one entire test grade.