Egyptian gods and goddesses

Egyptian gods and goddesses
Purpose: To gain a deeper understanding of the life and times of the Ancient Egyptians by
examining the ways in which their gods and goddesses directly influenced their everyday
Your Assignment: Using a variety of sources, such as internet links on the 6th Grade
Team website (under Social Studies/Egypt), classroom and library books, and textbooks,
you will research an Egyptian god or goddess. You will become an expert on this
god/goddess and his/her link to the lives of the Ancient Egyptians. In order to obtain a deep
understanding of the subject matter, you will learn about, report on, and present this
god/goddess in three ways.
Phase #1: Informational Research Paper *DUE:___________________
Using books and educational websites related to Ancient Egyptian life and deities (gods
and goddesses), you will research and write a report. Your research paper should describe
the following aspects of your god/goddess:
 Background or story of the god/goddess’s development
 Description of his/her physical appearance
 Importance of god/goddess to Ancient Egyptian people’s lives
Phase #2: Talking Statue *DUE:____________________________
For the oral presentation of your god/goddess, each student will become a ‘Talking Statue’.
You will dress as your chosen god/goddess and get into character as him/her. As if you
are a statue who has come to life, you will introduce yourself to us and tell us how you were
significant to at least one aspect of the daily lives of the Ancient Egyptians. The information
you present as a ‘Statue’ should mirror the information in your research paper. The talks
should be about 3-5 minutes in length and should be followed by a brief question-andanswer session with your audience. This means you should be well-versed in the
background of the god/goddess whose statue you represent!
Phase #3 *DUE:_____________________________________
For a museum display, you will create one of the following visual representations of your
god/goddess and the role he/she played in the lives of Ancient Egyptians:
Clay model
Jigsaw Puzzle
Magazine Advertisement
News Report
Puppet Show
…other suggestions are welcome--think outside the sarcophagus! (Ha Ha!)
You will be assessed using the rubric that relates to each presentation method.
Each presentation MUST include:
Name of god/goddess
Description of appearance
Background/Story of god/goddess
What he/she is god/goddess of
Explanation of relevance and importance in the lives of Ancient Egyptians (how and why
were they worshipped? What did they do for the people?)
~ Creativity in display
~ Neatness, Clarity of information, and Effort demonstrated
I hereby declare that I, ______________________ am committed to
my exploration of the god/goddess named
_____________________ and will have all phases of exploration
ready for presentation by the due dates.
Student Signature: ________________________________
Parent Signature: ________________________________