PhD studentship in Geobiosphere Science with specialty in physical

PhD studentship in Geobiosphere Science with specialty in
Physical Geography and Ecosystems Analysis
Located in the Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystems Analysis,
Geobiosphere Science Centre, Faculty of Science, Lund University.
REF. DNR N 2007/17
Starting date: as soon as possible
Further information: Prof. Martin Sykes +46 46 2229298 (+46 707 412 213)
[email protected]
Prof. Honor C. Prentice +46 46 2228971 (+46 735 968 334)
[email protected]
Prof Peter Poschlod +49 941 9433108 (or 3107 Secr.)
[email protected]
Project description:
This project is part of collaboration between the Department of Physical Geography &
Ecosystems Analysis (INES) and the Plant Ecology & Systematics Section of the
Department of Ecology at Lund University and the Institute of Botany at the University
of Regensberg, Germany.
The project focusses on plant species occurrences and biodiversity in fragmented
grasslands on the Baltic island of Öland. The PhD student will study the relationships
between plant species dispersal biology and how temporal changes in the links between
different grassland fragments have influenced species presence and diversity in the
present landscape. Field data together with information from species databases will be
used to create individual and collective dispersal profiles for grassland species and the
grassland plant assemblages. Temporal changes in the distribution of grassland patches
distributions will be studied with the help of a GIS database.
Applications should have Master’s degree or equivalent in ecology, environmental
science or similar areas, and competence within plant population and community
ecology. Extremely good plant species knowledge and identification skills are required.
Field work is an essential part of the project and the student is therefore expected to have
a driving licence. A very good knowledge of written and spoken English is required.
Experience of univariate, multivariate and spatial statistics, GIS and the analysis of soil
chemistry/structure are also regarded as desirable merits.
Additional information:
The four year PhD project is funded by a 12 months stipendium (c. 14-15000 SEK;
taxable with reduced social benefits), followed by 3 years with a full salary (c. 18 000
SE; taxable and with full social benefits). A Swedish PhD is made up of 160 points (40
points = 1 year) where 120 points are earned through research activity and 40 points via
attendance at research level courses given in Lund or elsewhere in Europe.
Applications should be sent to:
Registrator, Kansli N, Lund University Box 118, 221 00 Lund Sweden by February 15th
2005 at 16.00. Copies of certificates and diplomas should be countersigned.
Additional copies of the application should be emailed to Martin Sykes and Honor
Prentice (see above for email addresses) from whom further information on the project
and application procedure may be obtained.