Re-evaluation Process

Re-evaluation Process
-Each August/September every special education case manager shall check rolls and
create a roster for any students in need of a three-year re-evaluation up through the
following October in the next school year.
-By September 15th, this roster, with the names of students, due dates to initiate a reevaluation (65 business days before required eligibility meeting), and disability
categories due for re-evaluation is then distributed by email to the school
psychologist, school social worker, and any appropriate related services staff.
-Two weeks prior to the initiation of the re-evaluation, the case manager completes
and emails the Student Evaluation Planning Worksheet to the school psychologist,
school social worker and appropriate related services staff. This email also includes
the suggested components to be selected, which always include an observation and
an educational evaluation, which are usually done by a special education teacher.
The components selected for consideration beyond the observation and educational,
should be based on responses to questions about the student from the completed
Student Evaluation Planning Worksheet.
-If all school staff agree with the suggested components identified by the case
manager, the case manager contacts the parents, considers parent requests/concerns
and shares staff recommendations for components selected.
-If school staff and parents are in agreement about components selected, the case
manager then obtains written consent from the parent for any evaluation that the
school will complete for the re-evaluation. If there is an unresolved question
regarding appropriate components to be completed for the re-evaluation, then a
“face to face” meeting shall be scheduled.
-The case manager schedules an eligibility meeting for every student that is reevaluated, and the school psychologist and school social worker or any related
service staff attend only the eligibility meetings when they have completed an
evaluative component.
-For those students identified as having only a speech-language disability, the
speech-language pathologist will contact the parent to obtain written consent for the
evaluation. The Student Evaluation Planning Worksheet is optional in such cases.
-If the speech-language pathologist and the classroom teacher have concerns about
academic or behavioral areas, the referral should be taken to either the child study
or intervention teams at the school. If a disability beyond speech-language
impairment is suspected, a re-evaluation may be initiated at the child study or
eligibility group meeting.
-If a component selection meeting is needed because further discussion is required
about evaluative components selected, the special education case manager shall set
up a component selection meeting that is mutually convenient to all parties that
need to attend. This includes a general education teacher, case manager, school
psychologist or school social worker and/or appropriate related service staff. The
component selection meeting date can be more, but not less than 65 business days
prior to the re-evaluation date deadline. Parent must sign consent before any
evaluations are initiated.
-When all evaluation components have been completed, the case manager shall send
the parent an eligibility meeting notification letter. Reports should be placed in the
student’s cumulative record at least two business days prior to the meeting. Within
65 business days from the date the re-evaluation eligibility is initiated, and prior to
the re-evaluation eligibility date, an eligibility meeting is held to determine the
student’s continued eligibility. The eligibility date should be scheduled at least one
to two weeks prior to the 65 business day due date in case the meeting needs to be
cancelled and re-scheduled because of snow days or other unforeseen circumstances.
Only those persons who administered evaluation components shall attend the
eligibility meeting, in addition to the administrator/designee, general education
teacher and case manager.
-If all parties agree that no further IEP goals are necessary and if the eligibility
team determines that the student is “not eligible for special education,” the prior
written notice forms shall be completed to summarize the meeting. The parent must
sign the termination from special education consent form. Although all eligibility
criteria worksheets for re-evaluation eligibility purposes are considered, only those
criteria worksheets that are applicable to the components selected will be discussed
in the meeting. In all cases, the two eligibility questions that should be answered
are: Does this student require special education services AND Does the disability
have an adverse impact on their educational performance.
Transfer Students
When a student with a current IEP in place from another district initially registers
at a HCPS school, the school registrar shall obtain a signed release to receive all
confidential records from the transferring school system. Included with this consent
form will be a checklist specifying the evaluation components requested (IEP,
Eligibility Minutes, Psychological, Social history, Educational, etc.) The checklist
and the request for the student record shall be sent (faxed) to the transferring
school. The case manager and the registrar should confer weekly to determine the
status of the requested components. If records have not been received, another
request should be sent. If the IEP and evaluation components are not received
within four weeks, all evaluation components shall be completed.
Special education students transferring from outside of Virginia should be reviewed
through the re-evaluation process. The first step before initiating a re-evaluation
would be a review of the student file by the case manager. An eligibility meeting
will be needed for all out of state transfer students. A Henrico County IEP shall be
written within 30 calendar days from when a transfer special education student
registers at a school.
If the student is transferring from within state, the case manager, school
psychologist and school social worker should informally review the student file, and
if all agree that no further evaluations are needed, only a HCPS IEP needs to be
written. However, if the psychological, educational or social history components are
not received from the previous school system after 30 calendar days from
enrollment, a formal re-evaluation process shall be initiated.