Marine ecosystems 7: Polar Regions - Jocha

Marine Ecosystems 7: Polar Regions
1. Explain the main differences between the Arctic and Antarctic polar regions. Consider everything you have
in your handouts to compare them
2. Remember the second lecture…when we talked about water density and we said that water in solid state is
lighter than liquid water, so the ice floats! Why is the layer of ice important in winter for animals that live
in both poles?
3. What are the main producers in both ecosystems?
4. When does the huge primary productivity take place?
5. What factor is always limiting the primary productivity?
6. What types of zooplankton account for most of the biomass in each ecosystem?
7. What types of invertebrates may be present in these ecosystems?
8. Give examples of vertebrates that are exclusive to each ecosystem. Which one has more diversity of marine
mammals? Which one has more diversity of marine birds?
9. What animals are the top predators on each ecosystem?
Marine biology
Instructor: Jose Bava, Ph.D