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JOB TITLE: Sterile Services Supervisor
GRADE: Band 4
LOCATION: The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh
CLOSING DATE: 11th August 2015
SALARY SCALE: £19,502 - £22,458
Apply on-line www.jobs.scot.nhs.uk
**Please note – the e-mail address you provide on the application form will be used to communicate
any further correspondence relating to this vacancy**
This information package has been compiled to provide prospective candidates with details of the post
The contents of this package are as follows:
 General Information for Candidates
 Working in Edinburgh and the Lothian’s
Working Time Regulations Form (please complete and return with application form)
 Person Specification and Job Description
 NHS Lothian - Our Values
 Information on Application Process
 Workforce Equality Monitoring
 Equal Opportunities Policy Statement
Data Protection Act 1988
Please note that any personal information obtained from you throughout the recruitment process will be
collected, stored and used in line with the Data Protection Act 1998. Information will be available to the
recruiting manager and to the Human Resource staff.
Counter Fraud
NHS Lothian is under a duty to protect the public funds it administers, and to this end will use the information
you have provided on your application form for the prevention and detection of fraud. It will also share this
information with other bodies responsible for auditing or administering public funds for these purposes. More
detail on this responsibility is on NHS Lothian’s intranet (Counter-Fraud and Theft page) and further
information is available at http://www.audit-scotland.gov.uk/work/nfi.php.
All jobs are only offered following receipt of two satisfactory written references. At least one reference must
be from your current/most recent employer, or your course tutor if you are currently a student. If you have
not been employed or have been out of employment for a considerable period of time, you may give the
name of someone who knows you well enough to confirm information given and to comment on your ability
to do the job.
Disclosure Scotland
Where a Disclosure or Protection of Vulnerable Groups Check is deemed necessary for a post, the
successful candidate will be required to undergo an appropriate check. Further details on the Recruitment of
Ex-Offenders are available from the recruitment centre.
Work Visa
If you require a Work Visa, please seek further guidance on current immigration rules which can be found on
the Home Office website www.ind.homeoffice.gov.uk
Overseas Registration and Qualifications
NHS Lothian will check you have the necessary professional registration, where appropriate. If you require a
qualification for this role but are not regulated by a professional body (e.g. NMC, GMC, HCPC etc), you will
need to provide an official translation, notarised by a solicitor, of your overseas qualifications to be checked
by the recruiting manager. Please ensure that this is available before applying for this post.
Job Interview Guarantee Scheme
As a Disability Symbol user we recognise the contribution that all individuals can make to the organisation
regardless of their abilities. As part of our ongoing commitment to extending employment opportunities, all
applicants who are disabled and who meet the minimum criteria expressed in the job description will be
guaranteed an interview.
Terms and Conditions
For an overview of our Agenda for Change terms and conditions visit: www.msg.scot.nhs.uk/pay/agenda-forchange
Travel Expenses
Travel expenses are not normally reimbursed for interviews, if you are selected for interview and wish to
enquire about the possibility of being reimbursed then the request should be directed to the recruiting
manager or interview panel chair.
NHS Lothian offers excellent career prospects and a wide range of job opportunities for potential employees.
It employs approximately 24,000 staff and offers training and development opportunities as well as excellent
staff benefits.
The information provided below aims to help support and guide both prospective applicants and new
employees unfamiliar with Edinburgh and the Lothians.
Edinburgh and the Lothians
NHS Lothian serves a population of approximately 800,000 people living in and around Edinburgh,
Scotland’s historic capital city. The geographical area known as Lothian region covers 700 square miles,
comprising the City of Edinburgh, Midlothian, East Lothian and West Lothian.
It is a region of exceptional beauty and contrast, from the splendour of Edinburgh to the beauty and variety of
the hills, countryside and coastline. The nearest major town outside of Edinburgh is Livingston, a thriving
location in the heart of West Lothian. As well as many sites of historic interest, the region boasts a host of
recreational activities for all ages.
Useful Contacts
For useful guidance on relocating to Scotland visit: www.talentscotland.com
For a comprehensive list of services to help moving to the City of Edinburgh, please visit the City of
Edinburgh Council Website at: www.edinburgh.gov.uk
NHS Lothian
In accordance with Working Time Regulations, no individual should knowingly be
contracted to work for more than an average of 48 hours per week.
For Completion by Applicant (to be submitted along with application form)
- Do you intend on holding any other employment (either NHS or non-NHS)
If yes please complete the details below:
Name and address of additional employer(s)
Average number of hours worked for this employer per week
For Completion by Appointment Panel
- Would the offer of this post put the applicant in a position whereby they would
exceed the 48-hour working limit?
Please Note - It is the responsibility of the appointment panel to ascertain whether the
prospective employee intends to retain any other post held in addition to the one for
which they are applying.
Refer to the Recruitment Guidance Pack for further information regarding working
time regulations.
Hospital Sterilisation and Decontamination Unit (HSDU)
Theatres and Anaesthetics Division
Excellent people management,
communication and organisational
Working knowledge and practice of
Lean methodologies
Ability to prioritise conflicting
Knowledge of Surgical
instrumentation and its specific uses.
Highly desirable
Knowledge and practice of modern
production service practices (process
optimisation, cellular production,
Working knowledge and practice of
relevant quality management
Working knowledge and practice of
pro-active health and safety
management techniques.
Awareness of MRP (material
requirements planning) and MRP II
(manufacturing resource planning)
Candidates are asked to attend for interview 20 mins before the interview time. Candidates will be given a
description on paper of a work based scenario, they will have 15 mins to consider how best they would deal
with the issues raised in the scenario. During the interview candidates will be given the opportunity to share
their thoughts on how they would deal with the issues raised in the scenario, and answer questions from the
panel on the scenario. Interview will be in the form of evidence based, competency process with scoring.
Job Title: Sterile Services Supervisor
Responsible to: Deputy Manager
Department(s): Sterile Services (HSDU)
Directorate: Theatres & Anaesthetics CMT
Operating Division: Acute Division
Job Reference: U-NC-HSD-ALL-SV1 (version 2)
No of Job Holders: 7
Last Update: 3rd July 2008
To supervise a multidisciplinary team providing a quality assured decontamination and sterilisation
service of medical devices for use on patients in clinical areas across NHS Lothian (operating theatres,
clinics, A&E and other departments)
To provide full reprocessing of these medical devices using the knowledge and skills gained through
training and experience to ensure devices are processed to an agreed specification in accordance with
department procedures, relevant quality standards and current European legislation (Medical Devices
Directive 93/42/EEC, Annexe 12 and ISO 13485:2003)
To mentor and encourage the development of less experienced members of staff to ensure consistency
of product throughout the department
The postholder will be part of a team covering the service on a 24/7 basis for all users of reusable
medical devices across NHS Lothian (both Acute and Primary Care/CHP Divisions). This includes all
operating theatres, outpatient clinics, A&E departments, ITUs/HDUs, other hospital wards and
departments, retrieval services and GP Health Centres.
The postholder will be part of a multidisciplinary team processing approximately 7 million instruments a
year (112,500 trays and 40,000 supplementaries).
The postholder is responsible for utilising the full range of decontamination machinery within the
department, estimated at approximately £1.5million.
Assist QA Manager
Trainee s
Admin Assistant
Multi Skilled
The department provides a comprehensive decontamination and sterilisation service for all
reusable surgical instrumentation and medical devices across NHS Lothian
The processing of these devices is achieved through an accredited Quality Management System (ISO
13485:2003) which is audited on a six monthly basis by a notified body. Accreditation to European
Legislation MDD/93/42/EEC is also a regulatory requirement as is registration with the Medicines &
Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)
The quality management system and associated training requirements of the staff to achieve these
standards, ensures a consistency of product for all decontamination and sterilisation across the
Supervise the process for the receipt, decontamination, inspection, function testing and
assembly of reusable medical instrumentation according to agreed quality standards
Ensure all medical devices are disassembled appropriately and placed through the appropriate
decontamination process (manual washing, ultrasonic, single or multi chamber washer
disinfector) according to manufacturer’s instructions and departmental operational procedures
Function test and assemble as appropriate all medical devices prior to packing, ensuring all
instrumentation is fit for use on patients, against defined quality standards.
At all stages of the decontamination process, ensure instruments which are missing, overstocked
or in need of repair are identified and that these non conformities are rectified to ensure all
instrument sets meet the agreed contents list
Answer general enquiries and service user requests via telephone and fax, supervising and coordinating the workflow of the department to meet the changing priorities for instrumentation
Communicate priority instructions to other colleagues within the department to ensure urgent
instrument sets which are processed are dealt with as quickly as possible to allow for continuity
of service. Provide feedback to service users regarding instrumentation to ensure full
communication between departments
Use the departmental computer system and scanners to ensure full traceability of all instrument
sets and supplementary instruments throughout all stages of the process, as required by national
guidelines. Utilise the system to identify the location of instrument sets to prioritise the workflow
of the department
Mentor less experienced members of staff, checking the quality of their work and providing
expertise and guidance on unfamiliar instruments
Pre-assess the technical skills of staff in accordance with the departmental competency based
training programme, appraise staff of their performance and instigate training or re-training where
Conduct formal annual appraisals for all senior technicians and technicians in line with NHS
Lothian policy, identifying areas of continuing developmental needs and agreeing a robust plan
of action to achieve this.
Undertake continuing training and education on new instrumentation and technology to ensure
that changing surgical techniques are accommodated. Cascade this information to colleagues on
other shift patterns as required
Conduct return to work interviews with technicians and senior technicians following a period of
absence, identifying any patterns of absence or issues of concern, and raising these with a
manager if further intervention is required
Participate in six monthly audits by demonstrating awareness of departmental operating
procedures as well as demonstrating awareness and competence of job role
Participate in regular supervisor and staff meetings and undertake to receive feedback and
relevant information to ensure effective and open communication throughout the shifts and within
the multidisciplinary team
Provide first line troubleshooting of the washer disinfectors through appropriate training to ensure
continued productivity of the department and that all service user needs are met
Undertake regulatory awareness and Good Manufacturing Process (cGMP) training every 2
years and successfully pass an examination pertaining to these, as required for the unit’s
Effectively utilise the specialised decontamination machinery (ultrasonic bench top machine plus 3
different types of automated washer disinfectors with computerised operating functions) against agreed
procedures and national guidelines (HTM 2030) to ensure all medical devices are decontaminated fully
and appropriately
Effectively operate, load and transfer the disinfection carriages and conveyor system to ensure
productivity is maximised and all manual handling techniques are adhered to
Effectively operate the heat sealing machines as per operators’ instructions. Perform daily tests on
these machines to ensure continuing functionality
Handheld scanners to input bar coded information into the department’s tracking software system to
ensure traceability of product at all times
Photocopier for duplicating information
Telephone for communicating both internally and externally.
PC for undertaking the annual Personal Development Plan Reviews for staff and communicating with
service users via email
Effectively input information into the Department’s Mobius Floor Management Computerised System
using both hand held scanners and PCs to ensure full traceability of sets at all times. Utilise this system
to locate instrument sets and be able to input new medical devices onto the system or amend tray list
contents as required
Annotate and sign off tray lists for all instrument sets to confirm the set is conforming to all quality
standards and is fit for patient use, alerting the end user to non-conformities as appropriate
Complete all documentation and log books including those for hand-wash, phaco washer and ultrasonic
cycles, as well as re-wash data and concession cards as required by the Quality Management System
and accreditation to ISO 13485:2003.
Supervise the allocation of work in the department to ensure service user requirements are met in
a timely and efficient manner
During periods of peak activity, use skills and experience to identify areas of greatest need across
all surgical specialties to ensure delays and/or cancellations of procedures are kept to a minimum
Responsible for ensuring own and others work is to an agreed specification and quality standard,
fit for release and use on patients
The postholder will be appraised annually by the Deputy Manager through the Divisions’ Personal
Development Plan and Review and objectives will be set jointly
The postholder will be tested every 2 years on regulatory awareness, a mandatory requirement of
the department’s accreditation to the Medical Devices Directive
Judgement skills are required to prioritise the workflow of the department on a daily basis to meet
the demands of the service users. The workflow of the department may be required to be adapted
on an hourly basis dependent on both the activity within HSDU and theatres.
Assess whether or not further intervention is required in the management of staff sickness after
completing return to work discussions, and communicate this decision to a member of the
management team
Inspect the quality of work of less experienced members of staff and decide if further training in
any aspects of the role are required for individuals
Decide if an instrument or set of instruments are fit for purpose against agreed quality standards
for use on surgical patients
Decide if the device has been adequately processed and if not, return for re-work
Decide if medical device is fit for purpose and segregate for repair if necessary
Supervising a multidisciplinary team, promoting effective team working to ensure productivity
levels are maximised and service user requirements are met in a timely and consistent manner,
often whilst working to tight deadlines
Keeping up to date with new legislation, surgical instrumentation and operating procedures, and
maintaining regulatory awareness levels
Participating in continuing training and education for own development and helping to ensure
development of others through mentorship, local training and formal objective setting.
Daily communication with colleagues, technicians, senior technicians, distribution assistants and
management team.
Conduct return to work meetings with technicians and senior technicians following absence,
identifying any areas of concern and allowing staff the opportunity for discussing any issues
Daily communication with theatre and clinic personnel to identify instrument requirements and
priority requests to ensure contractual obligations are met.
Answer the phone, deal with general enquiries and requests from all service users, and provide
feedback to all users on the outcome of queries.
Communicate priority instructions to technicians, senior technicians and other colleagues to
ensure the workflow is prioritised to meet the requirements of the service users
Participate in and effectively contribute to regular supervisor meetings with the management team
Daily communication with stores technicians, communicating instrument requests to resolve tray
Communication with external training representatives
External auditors of the unit: BSI, SCIEH, MHRA
The post holder must be able to annotate tray lists and labels to inform end users of
Correct manual handling skills required to cope with the daily physical demands of the post, e.g.
pulling, pushing loaded buggies, lifting heavy procedure sets, moving heavily loaded racks.
There is frequent requirement for lifting and handling of sets of medical devices, up to a maximum
of 10 kilos, and occasions of standing for long periods of time.
Manual dexterity required to strip and re-assemble instruments as per manufacturer’s instructions
Correct use of handheld scanners required to ensure all devices are correctly tracked throughout
the process
Correct positioning of instruments in wash baskets and wash carriages to ensure completeness
of wash cycle
Accurate draping and positioning of instruments on the tray to ensure instrument sets are
delivered to service users in optimum condition
Frequent requirement for prolonged concentration to ensure the completeness of the product
Frequent requirement to change work activities to suit user requirement, especially in trauma and
emergency situations.
Frequent requirement to promote team working and deal with staff issues on a daily supervisory
basis and through return to work interviews
Daily requirement to cope with the emotional demands of dealing with production, staffing and
service user issues and problems
Frequent contact with unconfined bodily fluids/tissue and contaminated sharps.
Frequent exposure to high noise levels caused by operational machinery
Working within a controlled environment and wearing the appropriate PPE
The postholder will be expected to have completed SVQ Level 3 in Health (Decontamination) prior to
taking on this role (previous relevant experience transferable for existing staff in post)
The postholder will be expected to be working towards an SVQ in Management or similar
qualification (previous relevant experience transferable for existing staff)
Requirement to mentor less experienced members of staff, checking the quality of their work and
providing expertise and guidance on unfamiliar instruments
Participation in local training sessions undertaken by external training representatives and attend
mandatory updates for fire awareness and manual handling as required
Effective organisational skills and a willingness to be flexible, adaptable and attentive in order to
satisfy the needs of the service and respond positively to providing instrumentation for direct patient
Effective interpersonal skills and the ability to work as part of a multidisciplinary team
Job Holder’s Signature:
Head of Department Signature:
NHS Lothian is determined to improve the way their staff works so they have developed a set of common
values and ways of working which they now need to turn into everyday reality - to the benefit of everyone
working in the organisation and, most importantly, to the benefit of their patients.
NHS Lothian – Our Values into Action:
Care and Compassion
• We will demonstrate our compassion and caring through our actions and words
• We will take time to ensure each person feels listened to, secure, understood and is treated
• We will be visible, approachable and contribute to creating a calm and friendly atmosphere
• We will provide a safe and caring setting for patients and staff, and an efficient, effective and
seamless care experience
• We will meet people’s needs for information and involvement
in all care, treatment and support decisions.
Dignity and Respect
• We will be polite and courteous in our communications and actions
• We will demonstrate respect for dignity, choice, privacy and confidentiality
• We will recognise and value uniqueness and diversity
We will be sincere, honest and constructive in giving, and open to receiving, feedback
• We will maintain a professional attitude and appearance.
• We will demonstrate a commitment to doing our best
• We will encourage and explore ideas for improvement
and innovation
• We will seek out opportunities to enhance our skills
and expertise
• We will work together to achieve high quality services
We will use our knowledge and enthusiasm to implement positive change and overcome challenges.
We will understand and value each other’s role and contribution
• We will be fair, thoughtful, welcoming and kind to colleagues
• We will offer support, advice and encouragement to others
We will maximise each other’s potential and contribution through shared learning and development
• We will recognise, share and celebrate our successes, big and small.
Openness, Honesty and Responsibility
We will build trust by displaying transparency and doing what we say we will do
• We will commit to doing what is right – even when challenged
• We will welcome feedback as a means of informing improvements
• We will use our resources and each other’s time efficiently and wisely
• We will maintain and enhance public confidence in our service
• We will be a positive role model.
Throughout the recruitment process candidates will need to demonstrate they meet all of Our Values.
The purpose of an application form is to help evidence that the applicant has all the requirements applicable
to carry out the job applied for.
Once in receipt of the application pack it is essential to read both the job description and person specification
to gain a full understanding of what the job entails and the minimum criteria required.
Please note for equal opportunity purposes NHS Lothian do not accept CV’s as a form of application.
General guidance
There are currently three ways of applying for vacancies within NHS Lothian:
- On-Line: www.jobs.scot.nhs.uk
- Telephone (hard copy): 0131 536 3030
- Email: recruitment@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk
If you are applying by ‘hard copy’ please use black ink and write clearly in block capitals.
The candidate number will be populated by recruitment team once the application has been returned.
This is to ensure each application remains anonymous.
The vacancy reference number, job title and location can be obtained from the job advert.
Only part C of the application form will be sent for short listing. The application form will be identified by
the candidate number only to ensure that no applicant will be unfairly discriminated against.
Please complete all sections of the application form. Those sections that are not relevant please indicate
‘not applicable’, do not leave blank.
Please feel free to use additional paper if required. Please do not add your name to any additional
information provided; secure it to the relevant section and Recruitment Admin will add a candidate
For general help and advice on how to complete an application form visit:
Please return completed application forms to:
The Recruitment Centre, Staff Residencies, St John’s Hospital, Howden Road West, Livingston, EH54 6PP
When returning your completed application and any associated enclosures by Royal Mail, please ensure that
the correct postage is paid. Underpaid mail will be retained by the Post Office which will result in applications
not being returned until after the closing date and not being included for shortlisting.
NHS Lothian is committed to supporting and promoting dignity at work by creating an inclusive working
environment. We believe that all staff should be able to fulfil their potential in a workplace free from
discrimination and harassment where diverse skills, perspectives and backgrounds are valued.
In order to measure and monitor our performance as an equal opportunities employer, it is important that we
collect, store and analyse data about staff. Personal, confidential information will be collected and used to
help us to understand the make-up of our workforce which will enable us to make comparisons locally,
regionally and nationally.
NHS Lothian considers that it has an important role to play as a major employer and provider of services in
Lothian and accepts its obligations both legal and moral by stating commitment to the promotion of equal
opportunities and elimination of discrimination.
The objectives of its policy are that no person or employee receives less favourable treatment on the
grounds of sex, disability, marital status, age, race (including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin),
creed, sexuality, responsibility for dependants, political party or trade union membership or activity, HIV/AIDS
status or is disadvantaged by conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be justifiable.
Our Equal Opportunities in Employment policy can be viewed at: