Presentation rubric – SPA 343

Presentation rubric – SPA 343
Grammar and vocabulary:
 Below 14 Incorrect use of simple structures (e.g. does not conjugate present-tense
verbs; faulty noun-adjective agreement). Limited use of advanced-level
 14-15 Some correct use of simple structures. Errors may affect meaning.
Appropriate use of basic vocabulary.
 16-17 Consistent correct use of simple structures. Attempts use of complex
structures with some errors. Good use of general and content-specific vocabulary.
 18-20 Correct use of a wide variety of structures and tenses. Excellent use of a wide
range of language, including content-specific vocabulary.
Content and organization:
 Below 26 Very limited content or not relevant to topic. Undeveloped
topic/thesis. No logical organization. Information very general. Little evidence
of research.
 26-30 Minimal content. Some attempt to develop topic/thesis. Limited
organization, although some points remain unconnected. Lack of depth to
 31-35 Good content. Fairly well developed and organized. Logical organization
is apparent. Some details not fully developed. Some evidence of in-depth
 36-40 Excellent content. Very detailed and well organized. Information is
interesting and goes beyond general knowledge. Excellent quality/quantity of
 Below 14 Reads presentation. No eye-contact with audience. Does not
enunciate loudly and/or clearly. Presentation is choppy and there appears
to be limited familiarity with the topic. Very difficult to understand.
 14-15 Excessive dependence on written notes but some limited eye-contact.
Enunciation needs improvement. Some degree of familiarity with the
topic is evidenced, but presentation generally lacks fluidity. Performance
affects comprehensibility.
 16-17 Good balance of use of notes and eye-contact. Student speaks loudly and
clearly enough to be understood by all. Some evidence of having
rehearsed is indicated by overall smoothness of presentation. Most details
can be understood.
 18-20 Sporadic reference to notes is barely noticeable. Enthusiastic and
competent performance on all levels makes for a clear, comprehensible
and interesting presentation.
Total: _________/80