Palestine initial letter to Assoc

Roachdale, Indiana
December 18, 2004
Mrs. Parker,
I have an ancestor and a few other family members buried in the Palestine Cemetery in Putnam County.
Enclosed is a $15 donation for upkeep of the cemetery.
Since I have family in this cemetery, I have read the stones in the cemetery, and made a listing and a map
of the stones which I am enclosing. Since I am interested in the genealogy of the families, I have also
created a listing of the relationships of the individuals in the cemetery. This listing is not complete, but I do
have most of them. I also have taken digital photos of each stone. I can burn you a cd of these photos if you
Also, I am working with a group of dedicated individuals restoring cemeteries in Putnam County. One of
the members of our group, Jessica Felix I think, mentioned that the cemetery association might be
interested in restoring the cemetery. Our group has restored about a dozen cemeteries in Putnam County.
Members of our group have attended various cemetery workshops sponsored by the Indiana Historical
Society. We feel that we do a pretty good job restoring the cemeteries.
Feel free to contact us if you are interested in having us work on this cemetery. I estimated that there are
about 20 tablet type stones that are broken and need to be repaired and reset. There are also a few monolith
type stones that have fallen off their bases that need to be reset. There is some overgrown brush in front of
a few stones that should be removed as well.
Larry Tippin
10968N Co Rd 650E
Roachdale IN 46172
765 522-4156