Presentations by Sue Rubin 1992


Presentations by Sue Rubin 1992 - 2014

1. April 3, 1992 East Los Angeles Regional Center for the

Developmentally Disabled.

2. CALTASH (California © The Association for the Severely

Handicapped) April 25, 1992.

3. California State Conference © Autism Society of America, participation in panel of Autistic teenagers. May 16, 1992.

4. East Whittier School District, May 22, 1992.

5. Meeting with Pat Campbell, Director of Special Education, State of California. June 25, 1992.

6. Whittier Area Cooperative Special Education Program Workshop and demonstration. October 30, 1992.

7. 1st Annual Inclusion Conference, Valuing and Supporting

Diversity in School. Jan.29, 1993

8. Open House, Team of Advocates for Special Kids, March 28, 1993.

Anaheim, CA.

9. Advanced Workshop in Facilitated Communication, Chapman

University, Orange, CA. April 17, 1993.

10. Facilitated Communication: Challenges and Strategies for Full

Inclusion, CAL©TASH, Burbank, CA., May 1, 1993.

11. Whittier College, demonstration for class in mainstreaming taught by Dr. John Hess, Nov. 10, 1993.

12. Second Annual F.C. Symposium, A Day with Doug Biklen, Panel member, Jay Nolan Community Services & Pasadena Unified School

District, Pasadena, Nov. 19,1993.

13. ASHA Annual Conference, Presentation with Annagret Shubert,

Emotional Supports for F.C. Users. Anaheim, Nov. 20,1993.

14. Cal State L.A., Presentation on Inclusion to students in Dr.

Mary Falvey's class, March 9, 1994.

15. TASK Open House, demonstration, Anaheim, March 13, 1994.

16. Whittier College, demonstration, Special Ed class for students becoming regular ed. teachers, Whittier, April 12, 1994

17. Cal State Fullerton, demonstration for education class,

Fullerton, May 16, 1994.

18. Autism Society of America © State Conference, presentation,

Newport Beach, May 21, 1994

19. Chapman University, presentation for education class, Orange,

CA., July 20, 1994.

20. California State University, Los Angeles, presentation for a class of teachers taking courses to be school administrators, taught by C. Lamar Mayer, Ed.D., February 16, 1995.

21. WAPADH, training for staff and clients, April 22, 1995,

Whittier, CA.

22. Facilitated Communication Institute's Annual Conference, presentation entitled "Bringing FC to the High School", May


1995, Syracuse, New York.

23. Whittier College, demonstration for education class, Whittier,

CA June 8, 1995.

24. Whittier College, demonstration for education class, Whittier,

CA. Oct. 11, 1995.

25. Appearance and demonstration of F.C. on Cable Channel 65, on

"Long Beach Community Forum", taped Oct.27,1995, aired Dec.4, 1995 and Dec. 15, 1995.

26. L.A.Autism's conference on Inclusion. Panel discussion on

Friendship formation. Los Angeles, CA., Nov. 4, 1995.

27. Cal State Long Beach, panel discussion on inclusion for special education class, Long Beach, CA. Nov. 9, 1995.

28. East Los Angeles Regional Center, inservice for parents and staff on F.C., Nov. 13, 1995.

29. Whittier College, demonstration for education class. Whittier,

CA., March 26, 1996.

30. Participant on Writing Workshop Panel, Facilitated

Communication Institute and Syracuse University Annual Conference,

Syracuse, N.Y., May 21, 1996.

31. Whittier College, demonstration for education class, Whittier,

CA., Oct. 16, 1996.

32. Instructor, Monthly Training Sessions on Facilitated

Communication, WAPADH, Santa Fe Springs, CA. Beginning October 26,


33. Participant on Facilitated Communication in Inclusion Panel,

Autism Society of Los Angeles Annual Inclusion Conference, Los

Angeles, CA., Nov. 16, 1996.

Facilitated Communication

– The Key to Success for a Non-verbal Person with


Autism Society of America

2003 National Conference July 16-20, 2003

A Student Who Made It, CalTASH, Manhattan beach, CA. February 3, 2005.

Facilitated Communication Symposium Whittier, CA April 3, 2003

Myths About Autism and Mental Retardation

Facilitated Communication Enables Me to Think, to Learn, to Live

April, 2003, Facilitated communication conference, Whittier.

Facilitated Communication Symposium Whittier April 3,2003

The Impact of Facilitated Communication on a Person with a Severe Disability

Facilitated communication Symposium Whittier April 4, 2003

Ideation, Planning and Execution

Fading to Independence

Supported Life Institute

–Sacramento, CA February, 2003

California State University, February 16, 2000, Dr. Richard Rosenberg’s class,

“My Story”

Keynote Address “The Experience of Autism”

University of New Hampshire June 28, 1999

Paving the Way to College for a Low Functioning Person with Autism

Sue Rubin ASA National Conference July 7-10, 1999

Autism and Education, August 24, 1999, Supported Life Institute, Sacramento,


“Academic Versus Social Typing” Presentation for Facilitated Communication

Institute Annual Conference, May 1999

Access to Education Conference, Westside Family Resource Conference,

Manhattan Beach, CA. March 27, 2004

Grownup…And Autistic Actualizing the Potential, GLB/SB ASA, Irvine, CA.

May, 2003

“Facilitated communication and Life Change”, ASA LA, Pasadena, April 17, 1999

Communication Panel, ASA LA, Pasadena, April 17, 1999

“A Successful Student with Autism”, California Autism Society of American,

Annual Conference May, 1997

“Making the Best out of unfortunate genes”, Autcom FC Pre-Conference, Ann

Arbor, Michigan, Nov. 11, 1999

“Behavior – Some Practical Strategies” GLB/SB/W Autism Society of


TASH National Conference Dec. 4, 1998 Castigating Assumptions About Low

Functioning Autism and Mental Retardation, Seattle, WA. Keynote

Cal-TASH February 2004

“Quality of Life”

Oct. 28, 2001

WACSEP, Whittier, CA Educational and Behavioral Strategies from the

Viewpoint of a Person with Autism

The Myth of Mental Retardation Feb. 27, 2001 FC Conference, Syracuse, N.Y.

FC Conference 2004 Learning to speak using Facilitated Communication,

Syracuse, New York

“Negotiating a Place in a College Community” March 20, 2004

FC Conference- Syracuse University

Facilitated Communication

– A Key to Success

Sue Rubin - People First of California Conference June 7, 2003

Illinois Summer Institute: August 2-5, 2004

Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders in General Education


August 2, 2004 Morning Keynote

Keynote June 1999

Leading with a Quiet Voice, Saturday, Nov. 17, 2001TASH National Conference

Listening to the Experts - TASH Annual Conference

– November 15, 2001

Presentation in absentia. University of Maine May 3, 1999

Sue Rubin, keynote address for “Fostering Communication Through Assistive

Technology” conference presented by the Supported Life Institute, 1010 Hurley

Way, Suite 195, Sacramento, CA 95825, March 12, 1999

Community Partnership Conference keynote “My Journey of Living and Learning”

May, 2004, Raleigh, NC

Oct. 1998 San Diego

“Castigating Assumptions about Mental Retardation and

Low Functioning Autism

” Autism Research Institute.

Pittsburgh Employment Conference August, 2003Communication, Education, and Employment

Research in the Time of Disability Rights Panel ,TASH, Nov. 1998

Sacramento County Office of Special Education, August 24, 1999 “Autism and


Finding My Voice with Facilitated Communication: Advocacy for my Inclusive

Life San Diego Summer Leadership Institute July, 16,2004

Closing Keynote 3rd Annual Summer Leadership Institute July 21,2001

Student Panel “In Our Words – Whose Life Is It Anyway?”

“Breaking the Silence Through Facilitated Communication” 3rd Annual San Diego

Summer Leadership Institute July 21, 2001

August 24, 1999

July 20, 2002

4th Annual San Diego Summer Leadership Institute

Finding and Using My Own Voice Through Facilitated Communication

Supported Life Insititute Feb. 27-28, 2003 Communicating Through Assistive


Challenging Stereotypes: Supported Living, College, and Low Functioning


Supported Life Conference, Sacramento, June 8, 2001

Supported Living Services Workshop, WAPADH,

April 30, 2004

The Impact of Communication on Behavior as Experienced by a Non-verbal

Person Formerly Awash in autism TASH 2004

TASH Cracker barrel on College Dec. 11, 1999 Chicago

TASH December 2003 Learning to speak using Facilitated Communication

TASH December 2003 Session: All Things Considered: Puzzling Support

Situations Challenges and Supports Chicago

TASH December 2003 Chicago

Making Dreams Come True

UCLA July 15, 1999 Facilitated Communication Definition and History

Yakima, WA. May 4, 2000 Keynote: Celebrating Our

Past, Creating Our Future Earning Our Own Success

Chapman University, Orange, CA., Special Education Class, October 24, 2005.

“My Life as a person with autism”.

Loyola Marymount University Special Education Commemoration

November 29, 2005

Inclusion Celebration

Cal State Long Beach November 18, 2005. Introduction to “Autism is a World”, followed by Q & A.

“The making of “Autism is a World” with Gerardine Wurzburg, Inclusion

Imperative Conference, April 21-22, 2006, Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y.

Keynote, Introduction & screening of “Autism is a World” followed by Q & R.

Seventh Annual San Diego Summer Leadership Institute, Cal Sate San Marcos,

July 21-23, 2005.

Facilitated Communication Training, with Darlene Hanson, MA,CCC & Jim Wiley,

Sept. 23-25, 2005, Whittier, CA.

Autism National Committee conference, Sept. 2005, Nashua, N.H. Introduction & screening of “Autism is a World” followed by Q & A.

“Government and Agency Supports Necessary to Make Self Determination a

Reality”, “2006 People First of California Statewide Convention, June 9-11, 2006,

Sacramento, CA.

Panel me mber, ”Autism Training – Parents & Consumers” Eastern Los Angeles

Regional Center, September 17, 2005, Alhambra, CA.

“Myths Surrounding Autism” with Christi Hendrickson, PEAK, Denver Colorado,

January 20, 2006.

March 23 Sue presents San Diego ????

Intro duction, screening of “Autism is a World” & Q.& A. People First, Torrance,

CA.April 17.2005.

“College as a Life Style – Sanity Through Learning” First Annual Facilitated

Communication Summer Institute, July 17-21, 2006, Syracuse University,

Syracuse, N.Y.

“Becoming an Independent Typer”, First Annual Facilitated Communication

Summer Institute, July 17-21, 2006, Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y.

“Movement Dysfunction in Autism” Northern Arizona University, October 29,

2005. Flagstaff, AZ.

“Behavior As Communication – When all else fails”, Eighth Annual San Diego

Summer Leadership Institute, July 13-15, 2006, Cal State San Marcos, San

Marcos, CA.

Introduction, screening of “Autism is a World” and Q & A, Wiggle-the House of

Everyday Learning, McAllen, Texas,

Introduction, screening of “Autism is a World” and Q&A, First Annual Autism

Institute, School of Leadership and Education Sciences, University of San Diego,

July 10-12, 2006, San Diego, CA.

“Inclusive Education” and introduction, screening of “Autism is a World” followed by Q & A, Least Restrictive Education conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico,

June 15, 2006

“Self-Advocacy – gate to the Future”, Opening Keynote, Self Advocacy Board of

Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, September 30, 2006

“Facilitated Communication: It’s About Movement” with Jackie Leigh, Ed.Psy.,

Rita Rubin, Darlene Hanson, SLP; Gallager Pediatric Therapy Group, Fullerton,

CA January 15, 2007

“Life After “Autism is a World””, Easter Seals, February 19, 2007, Brea, CA.

Screening of “Autism is a World” and Q&A, AIAW received the Henry Hampton

Award from the Council on Foundations, Conference for Community Foundations and the Family Foundations Conference, Baltimore, February 25, 2007.

“Living with Autism”, California Council on Family Relations, March 3, 2007, San

Diego, CA.

“Facilitated Communication – Key to Success”, Eastern Los Angeles Regional

Center Communication Conference, May 22, 2007, Alhambra, CA.

The Impact of Communication on Behavior as Experienced by a Non-verbal

Person ASA National Conference July 12, 2007

ASA National Conference 2007 W riters’ Panel, July 12, 2007 .

USD Second Annual Summer Institute July 9, 2007 People Not Packages:

Dynamic Approaches to Personalizing Supports for People with Autism

Keynote wit h Jamie Burke on “College” FCI Summer Institute – Syracuse

University, July 16, 2007

July 24th. Screening of Autism is a World and presentation "Living and

Thoroughly Enjoying Life Despite Autism". The Conference is sponsored by the

Oregon Developmental Disabilities Coalition

Screening of “Autism is a World” and presentation “The College Experience”,

Ninth Annual San Diego Summer Leadership Conference, Cal State San Marcos,

July 28, 2007.

TASK Western Conference, San Diego, August 15, 2007

Back to School -

Autism Conferences, “Young Adults Panel: Personal

Experiences of Challengers and Successes”, Pasadena, August 18, 2007

Supported Life Institute in Sacramento on October 5 th

, 2007. Her key-note presentation was titled, "Living and Thoroughly Enjoying Life Despite Autism" and then she had a longer break-out session where she showed the film and presented "Facilitated Communication: A Key to Success".

Beth Shalom of Whittier. “A Conversation with Sue Rubin: Autism, Student Life, and Synagogue Member ship”. Whittier, CA March 23, 2008

Facilitated Communication Institute, Syracuse University. “Initiation of

Communication” Summer Institute. Syracuse, N.Y. July, 2009.

Autism Society of America Annual Conference. “Facilitated Communication and

Quality of Life

” with Rita and Bob Rubin. St. Charles, IL. July, 2009

Autism Society of America, Greater Long Beach/ San Gabriel Valley Chapter,

“Being “Low Functioning” Should Not be a Barrier to Success”. Long Beach, CA.

February, 2009.

Trends in Autism, “Living and Enjoying Life with Autism”. Casa Colina Cener for

Rehabilitation. Pomona, CA March 13, 2010.

Annandale Cooperative Preschool. “Living and Thoroughly Enjoying Life In Spite of Autism”. January 2010

“Challenges and How to Address Them” with Darlene Hanson, CCC, Julian Ann

Singer Center, Vista Del Mar, Los Angeles, Nov. 3, 2011.

Conference on Self Advocacy. “Self Advocacy” Boston, July 2011.

Syracuse University Leadership Conference, “Can an autistic person be successful in regular education?

” August, 2011.

Autism National Committee (AutCom). “Autism Without Limits”.Keynote Address

Burbank October 21-22, 2011

Transition, Post-Secondary Education & Employment Conference Greater Long

Beach/ San Gabriel Valley Chapter Autism Society

. “The College Experience“

Nov. 5, 2011, Long Beach, CA.

Autism Research Institute. “Preparation for Adulthood” with Rita Rubin. Adult

Services Track. Las Vegas, NV October 16, 2011

Roosevelt Middle School. “Welcome to My World of Autism”. San Diego, May 8,


TASH Annual Conference, “The Impact of AAC on the Lives of Four Individuals”,

Long Beach, December, 2012.

Autism National Committee (Autcom). “A Prime Example of Presuming

Competence: My Education and the Life I am Living”. Denver, CO October 11,


Roosevelt Middle School, “Autism and Peer Tutors”. San Diego Roosevelt Middle

School, San Diego, June 4, 2013.

Cleveland Clinic. “Demolishing All You Think You Know About Autism”.

Cleveland, Ohio October 28, 2013

Hiram College. “An Invitation to See Autism As I Do”. Hiram, Ohio October 29,


TASH Annual Conference, “Finding Freedom and Friends Through Facilitated


”. December 11, 2013 Chicago


TASH Annual conference, “Putting Together a Real Life- Family, Selfadvocate, and Staff

” with Rita and Bob Rubin and Renee Gonzales. San

Francisco, March, 2014.

Autism Society

– Wisconsin. “Closing Keynote: Grinding Out a Bachelor’s

Degree: How Did I Mange to Do It?” with Rita Rubin. Kalahari rsorts and

Convention Center, Wisconsin Dells, WI. April, 2014.

Westmorland Academy. “My Personal Journey and My Advice to Teachers”.

Pasadena, CA. May, 2014.

University of Northern Iowa, “Skill Building Towards Independence” with Darlene

Hanson and Marilyn Chadwick; Keynote, “In Our Won Words: A Panel

Presentation of Individuals Who Use Typing to Communicate” with Jamie Burke and Tracy Thresher; “Speak Out!: Finding Your Voice and Developing Speech? with Marilyn Chadwick and Darlene Hanson. Cedar Falls, Iowa, June, 2014.

APSE (Association of People Supporting Employment First) Annual Conference.

“Students for APSE Closing Keynote”; “Overcoming Barriers Throug a

Customized Approach to Employment” with Grayson Kent and Becky Tschirgi,

Long Beach, July, 2014.