Selected Papers

1. Tamara Aleksandridi, Elena Matyukhina. Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy
of Sciences N.Ya. Matyukhin, the Designer of Computers for Soviet Air Defense
2. Margarita Badrutdinova, Valery Guseev, Albert Abdrakhmanov, Igor Yakimov. The Role
of the Kazan Computer Manufacturing Plant in the Development of Computer
Technology and Science in USSR and the Comecon Countries
3. Sergey Baranov. Formation of the Discipline of Programming in Russia
4. Аndrey Chertovskikh, Igor Rachek Using Transputer. Computing Systems at the Budker
Institute of Nuclear Physics
5. Yakov Fet. Norbert Wiener in Moscow
6. Irina Gataullina. The Development of Information Technologies in the USSR: Memoirs
of Kazan Computer Developers
7. Alexander Glebovsky, Vladimir Ivanov. Automated Measurement and Control Systems
for Spacecrafts and Missile Launches in the USSR: the Pioneering Role of the Elite
Engineering Corps of the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute
8. Gregory Gromov. From the History of “Microprocessor Devices and Systems” Journal
9. Victor Ivannikov, Sergey Gaisaryan, Alexander Tomilin. System Software for the
Computing System “Electronica SSBIS”
10. Vera Karpova, Leonid Karpov. V.A. Melnikov – the Architect of Soviet Computing
Machines and Systems
11. Victor Kasyanov. Russian Informatics in Persons: My Teachers
12. Yuliy Ketkov. The Development of Interactive Systems of Programming at Nizhny
Novgorod University
13. Yuliy Ketkov. Some Pioneering Works on First Computers
14. Boris Kiryanov, Valeriy Kuznetsov, Valeriy Pesoshin. Computing Machines and Devices
Based on Probabilistic Principle
15. Vladimir Kitov, Alexander Prikhodko. The 60th Anniversary of Computing Center
Number 1 of the USSR Ministry of Defense
16. Edward Kostsov. Formation of Microelectronics in Novosibirsk
17. Vladimir Krivoruchenko. Computer Technologies to Support Research and Development
Activities in the Project of the Aerospace System BURAN
18. Alexander Krupski, Vitaly Zenin. Internal Memory Devices and Systems in the Works of
M.A. Kartsev
19. Victor Kryukov. Automation of programming at the M.V. Keldysh Institute of Applied
Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences (IAM RAS)
20. Natalia Kupershtokh. Academician G.I. Marchuk: Documentary Biography Pages
21. Galina Kurlyandchik. The Destiny of the Family in the Era of Computers
22. Rafail Lashevsky, Vladimir Havkin, Rudolf Lavrentyev. Integral Memory Cubes
23. Ekaterina Lavrischeva. The Operating Computing Complex «Dnepr-2»
24. Timo Leipälä Arithmometer. Production in Leningrad
25. Аlexander Marchuk, Irina Kraineva. Interdisciplinary Interaction of Exact Sciences and
Humanities: Methodology and History
26. Boris Martynenko. Towards the 80th Anniversary of N. Wirth: Wirth's Syntactic Charts
in the SYNTAX-Technology
27. Sergey Ogandjanian. Electronics and Informatics Development in Armenian SSR (1960–
28. Nina Panina. The Social Space of Science as a Subject of a Virtual Museum
29. Vyacheslav Paramonov. Implementation of ACS into the National Economy of the USSR
IN 1960–1970s: Conception and Materialization
30. Rimma Paramonova. Soviet Experience in Implementation of Industrial ACS: to the
History of the Unified Energy System of the USSR (1957–1975 years)
31. Valeriy Pesoshin. The History of the Computer Department at Kazan Aviation Institute
32. Vladimir Petrovsky, Marina Tumbinskaya. The History and Prospects of Information
Security at Russian Enterprises
33. Rimma Podlovchenko. On Creation and Work of the Yerevan School of Programming
34. Yuri Polak. The 20th Anniversary of Russian Internet (View from CEMI)
35. Sergei Prokhorov. Serguey Sobolev, a founder of the Soviet Computer Science
36. Eduard Proydakov. A Virtual Computer Museum
37. Jose Ramil Alvarez, Julia Vladimirova. Software for a Small Computer “Setun”
38. Yuri Rogachyov. The origin of Informatics and Creation of the First Electronic
Computing Machines in the USSR
39. Gennady Ryabov. At the Rise of Creation of Real-Time Control Programs
40. Valery Shilov. Reefs of Myths: Towards the History of Cybernetics in the Soviet Union
41. Lev Shuvalov. Upgrade and Development of Magnetic Tape Drives for М-20 and М-220
42. Marina Smolevitskaya. On the Way to a New Exhibition on the History of Computing at
the Polytechnic Museum
43. Vitaly Steinberg. The History of Development of Mobile Computing Devices for
"Maneuver” Automated Front Troop Control System
44. Andrey Terekhov. Algol 68 and Its Influence on Programming in USSR and Russia
45. Vladimir Tregubov, Viktor Dyachkov, Valeriy Pesoshin, Leonid Sharnin, Nikolay
Rodnischev, Sergey Chermoshentsev, Igor Anikin. Cooperation of Computer
Manufacturing Plant and Kazan Aviation Institute in the Field of Professional Training
46. Svetlana Ulyanova, Vladislav Sinepol. Toolbox for Historical and Biographical Research
(Prosopographic Databases on Russian History)
47. Rafael Yusupov, Mikhail Vous. “History of Informatics and Cybernetics in St Petersburg
(Leningrad)” Scientific Series
48. Victor Zakharov. Computers and their Application in the USSR in the Middle of the
1980s: Situation, Actions Taken, Predictions of Development