What Immanuel Is & Isn’t
Immanuel Prayer Minister Training
Jessie Handy and Wendy Balman, Trainers
IMMANUEL PRAYER is a process of connecting personally and interactively with the Lord and
removing barriers and hindrances to an intimate, interactive lifestyle of connection with Him.
The goal is to build and deepen a securely attached relationship with the Lord, one that
increases capacity to stay connected to Him, even in difficult life situations or painful
What Immanuel Is:
A Prayer Context – a 3-way interaction between Recipient, Facilitator and the Lord.
As the Facilitator, I believe and perceive that the Lord is present. The Recipient
may or may not perceive him. The beginning connection, interaction,
appreciation exercise is to increase the Recipient’s awareness of his presence
with them personally.
Goal oriented – to help the recipient to connect with the intimate, personal presence of
Jesus and to encourage them to follow his lead and to receive whatever he has for
Relationship Focused - the facilitator keeps their focus on the connection with Jesus
rather than on finding a painful memory. If once connected with Jesus and he leads
them to a difficult life situation or painful memory, the facilitator keeps guiding toward
interacting with Jesus in it and about it.
Non-directive - regarding memory content and input such as teaching, correction, truth,
comfort, insight, and interpretation. All this comes only from the Lord, not the
What Immanuel Is Not:
Guided Imagery – The facilitator does not make any suggestions as to the content or
interactions or outcome of memories or images. These are allowed to unfold as guided
by the Holy Spirit.
Deliverance – the focus is not on discovering and confronting demons. The facilitator is
not there to rescue the recipient from demons but rather to invite Jesus to show the
recipient what is standing in the way of perceiving his presence.
Teaching – If there is any teaching, it will come directly from Jesus to the recipient, not
from the facilitator.
Prophetic – the facilitator does not receive message/images for the recipient from
Jesus/H.S. No words of knowledge, pictures, scriptures, etc. are given during the prayer
process. Only afterward if you are sure the Lord is asking you to share them.
NOTE: Each of these 4 styles of helping/healing have merit and have been helpful to each of
us at some time in our journey. Immanuel is just a specifically different approach that will
do a unique task if not mixed with other styles.
HOWEVER: Even mixed with other styles, the concept of connecting with Jesus in order to
enhance capacity to deal with pain will enrich any healing process.