magneto-thermal cooling

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Magneto-thermal cooling is a new technique which can be used for semiconductor devices cooling. It
is autonomous: it does not need any external pumping system. The fluid flow is induced by variations
of magnetic properties of a low Curie temperature ferrofluid in a magnetic fluid. A better knowledge of
magneto-thermal cooling needs an expertise in various scientific fields: heat transfers, fluid
mechanics, rheology and electromagnetism.
Four renowned academic laboratories are involved in a french national project called FerroCool :
G2Elab (Electrical Engineering), PECSA (ferrofluid synthesis), Laboratoire de Rheologie (rheology)
and LEGI (heat transfer, fluid mechanics). The global project involves four scientific and technical work
1- Synthesis of ferrofluids with low Curie point.
2- Characterization of ferrofluids by developing specific characterization devices: a rheometer with
magnetic field, an hydraulic loop for the heat transfer coefficient measurement, test benches for optical
and magneto-optical measurements.
3- Modeling: study of local magnetic forces and their coupling with fluid mechanics and heat transfers,
thermal design of magneto-thermal coolers.
4- Implementation of electronics cooling loops.
The trainee will mainly be involved in point 2 especially for the realization and tests of characterization
devices. Possibility of pursuing with a PhD thesis.