Section 8.2, Mastering Concepts Chapter 8, p.274 88. Explain how

Section 8.2, Mastering Concepts Chapter 8, p.274
Explain how molecular compounds are named.
Naming follows a specific set of rules. Those beginning with hydrogen are acids. Learn
names of most used acids. For binary forms use names of nonmetals adding Greek prefixes
to indicate number of atoms. Rember to change ending of last name to ide.
When is a molecular compound named as an acid?
When it releases H+ in a water solution. Use acid names ifaqueous. Formulas usually start
with hydrogen.
90. Explain the difference between sulfur hexafluoride and disulfur tetrafluoride.
Sulfur hexafluoride is SF6, which has one atom ofsulfur bonded with six atoms of fluorine.
Disulfur tetrafluoride is S2F4, which has two atoms ofsulfur bonded with four atoms of
91. Watches The quartz crystals used in watchesare made of silicon dioxide. Explain how you
use the name to determine the formula for silicon dioxide
The name silicon indicates one atom of Si. Theprefix di- means two and oxide indicates
oxygen.The correct formula is SiO2.
Name each molecule.
a. NF3
b. NO
c. SO3
d. SiF4
nitrogen trifluoride
nitrogen monoxide
sulfur trioxide
silicon tetrafluoride
Write the formula for each molecule.
a. silicon dioxide
b. bromous acid
c. chlorine trifluoride
d. hydrobromic acid