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February 10, 2011
Packaging printing company orders 1,000th Speedmaster XL 105
from Heidelberg
 colordruck Baiersbronn orders three Speedmaster XL 105 presses
 Highly industrial production thanks to comprehensive logistics and
automatic non-stop system at feeder and delivery
 Innovative technology and carbon-offset presses ensure
environmentally friendly production
colordruck Baiersbronn (colordruck), one of Europe's technology leaders in folding
carton packaging, has ordered three Speedmaster XL 105 presses from Heidelberger
Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg). One of these is the 1000th press in this series to
come off the production line. colordruck was one of the first companies to install the
Speedmaster XL 105 after it was premiered at drupa 2004. Soon proving successful in
practice, the new Speedmaster XL 105 boosted net productivity by up to 30 percent
compared to its predecessors, prompting colordruck to order two more of the same
presses in quick succession. The new package ordered will gradually replace the original
three presses, bringing colordruck's pressroom fully up to date with the latest technology.
It includes the latest innovations for the Speedmaster XL 105, such as the AutoPlate XL
fully automatic and simultaneous plate changer, the Prinect Inpress Control inline color
measuring and control system, and a comprehensive logistics workflow with the new
fully automatic non-stop system. Heidelberg premiered the fully automatic non-stop
delivery at Ipex 2010 in the U.K., winning colordruck as one of the field testers. All three
Chairman of the Supervisory Board / Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrats: Dr. Mark Wössner
Management Board / Vorstand: Bernhard Schreier, Chairman / Vorsitzender · Dirk Kaliebe · Marcel Kiessling · Stephan Plenz
Sitz der Gesellschaft / Registered Office: Heidelberg · Mannheim Registry Court / Amtsgericht Mannheim – Registergericht – HRB 330004 · VAT no. DE 143455661
Commerzbank AG Heidelberg (BLZ 672 400 39), Kto 192264001 IBAN: DE32 6724 0039 0192 2640 01 BIC: COBADEFF672
Deutsche Bank AG Heidelberg (BLZ 672 700 03) Kto 0 298 00 00 1 IBAN: DE22 6727 0003 0029 8000 01 BIC: DEUTDESM672
Dresdner Bank AG Heidelberg (bank code 672 800 51) account no. 4 625 109 IBAN: DE98 6728 0051 0462 5109 00 BIC: DRESDEFF672
new machines are Speedmaster XL 105 presses elevated by 875 millimeters, each
equipped with a coating unit. The first machine has been up and running since last year,
and the 1000th press is scheduled for installation in spring 2011. Both are six-color
presses. The third machine will be replaced with a four-color press in 2012.
“Using three presses of the same design offers maximum flexibility,” explains Herbert
Klumpp, Managing Director of colordruck. “The new automatic non-stop delivery
raises the level of productivity and automation further still and the pile quality is
outstanding.”. The non-stop pile change eliminates the need for user intervention,
thus freeing up the operator for other tasks.
At present, a new Suprasetter 105 Multi Cassette Loader platesetter is being installed
for the prepress stage. For postpress, colordruck uses a Diana folder gluer from
Heidelberg that is designed for traditional longitudinal seam gluing.
Carbon-offset production
More than 170 staff work at colordruck, producing high-quality folding cartons for foodstuffs,
confectionery, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, toys, textiles, and chemicals. Its customers
include well-known manufacturers of branded goods and industrial companies. Challenging
inline coating concepts are accounting for an ever bigger share of colordruck's sales. The
company is committed to carbon-offset production and takes an integrated approach to
environmental protection. All three new presses are carbon-offset, with colordruck offsetting
263 metric tons of CO2 per press through a climate protection project in Vietnam. “We are
always interested in increasing our commitment to climate protection, and the
Speedmaster XL 105 offers us the perfect opportunity to do just that. Prinect Inpress
Control cuts both makeready times and paper waste by measuring and controlling color and
register on the fly, while the new dryers cut the press's energy consumption by up to 45
percent. Water-soluble dispersion coatings also make a contribution towards
environmentally friendly production,” says production manager Martin Bruttel. All in all, the
press exhibits very fast and stable production, which is also maintained at the maximum
speed of 18,000 sheets per hour. “We have enjoyed a long working relationship with
Heidelberg, with both companies attaching the utmost importance to environmental
protection. Fast and efficient service is also key to a successful partnership,” says Klumpp.
Attended the celebrations for the 1,000th Speedmaster XL 105 at the Wiesloch-Walldorf
site: Herbert Klumpp (left), management spokesperson, and Thomas Pfefferle (right),
Managing Director of colordruck, Stephan Plenz, member of the Management Board
responsible for Heidelberg Equipment, as well as Renate Bengel (third from right) and
Marlis Schwedes.
Ideal for packaging printing – the elevated Speedmaster XL 105 with logistics system.
Milestones in the success story of the Speedmaster XL 105:
Speedmaster XL 105 is unveiled at drupa 2004 and sets new
standards for highly industrialized offset printing in commercial and
packaging printing
UV version and dual coating
1,000th printing unit supplied to an Italian customer
Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany
PIA/GATF Intertech Award for Innovations
Speedmaster XL 105, the first climate-neutral printing press, is
supplied to a Swiss print shop
Autoplate XL available as an option
Perfecting press presented at drupa 2008
Speedmaster XL 105 enables double-sided printing and coating in a
single pass
Automatic non-stop delivery unveiled at Ipex
Speedmaster XL 105-D for rotary die cutting in the press for label
1,000th press supplied to a German packaging printer
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