Wordvorlage mit Siegel - UniversitätsKlinikum Heidelberg

UniversitätsKlinikum Heidelberg
Laura Ford
My intentions for these Sculptures
The sculptures I have created for the new university hospital
empathise with the vulnerability that people feel when visiting
hospital and when experiencing the uncertainty of medical
The Panda Woman stands with a newborn in her arms. Her own
body has become a slightly alien to her whilst the small creature in
her arms rings out a new beginning.
The Meerkats stand proudly enough while tightly clutching their
large handbags in front of them. Based on Margaret Thatcher's
famous handbags they act like medical gowns covering just
enough to retain their modesty.
The Giraffe stands nervously on the flat roof above the courtyard,
her legs in what could be surgical tights. She is dreaming of a
return to free-wheeling days grazing on the Savannah, majestic in
her languidly patterned costume.
All of these works are designed to be enjoyed within the courtyard
and from the many floor to ceiling windows within the hospital.
The sculptures are both serious and humorous, vulnerable but
hopeful, reflective of the atmosphere and endeavour of hospitals.
Laura Ford, Heidelberg, May 2013