Subject Group ERE-1: Hydroscience and Environmental Protection

Subject Group ERE-1: Hydroscience and Environmental Protection Engineering
ERE1205 Fluid Mechanics and River Morphology
Winter semester
Description and rationale: The geometrical characteristics of the river channels and hence the hydraulic
roughness depend on the hydraulic quantities of the flow, but these flow properties are in turn strongly dependent
on the channel configuration and its hydraulic roughness. The final objective of this course is to establish a way
of the sustainable development of river channels and the better land use on the stand point of the civil
Keywords: fluid mechanics, open channel, sediment transport, river morphology, river planning design
Pre-requisite: knowledge in fluid mechanics, hydraulics, river engineering and advanced fluid mechanics
Expected students: master and doctoral
Instructors: Prof Kazuyoshi HASEGAWA, Dr Mikio KUROKI and Dr Akio MORI
Course outline:
(1) Motion of sand grains in water flow
Forces acting on sand grains on river bed, initiation of motion, velocity distribution, mean velocity
(2) Flow on sand waves
Tractive force acting on sand grains, flow on wavy bed, longitudinal vortices in open channel
(3) Sediment transport
Bed load, suspended load, concentration at reference level, wash load, total load, mixture of sand grain size,
(4) Bed configuration
Sand waves, regime criteria of bed configurations, migration of sand waves, deformation of sand waves
(5) Resistance to flow
Skin friction and form drag, resistance to flow due to bed configurations, mechanics of change of bed
configuration, stage-discharge relationship
(6) Design of river channel
Sediment yield and transport, debris flow, longitudinal profile of river channels, stable channels
Grading: based on the results of reports during the course and the final examination.
Textbooks and references: handout is distributed and references are indicated in the handout.
2nd revision: 04/2003