Steve, being a leader in the Geothermal Heat Pump

Steve, being a leader in the Geothermal Heat Pump technology, with numerous diplomas and certificates, brings
with him the knowledge of innovated designs and installations on the east coast of Canada for over the past 25 years.
Everything from designing ground or ocean loops, lake or pond loops, or just using well water for your energy
source, he has mastered the art of capturing renewable earth energy which is available free to all of us. As a user of a
renewable resource, mother earth's natural heat is an outstanding inexhaustible energy provider. Unlike conventional
heating & cooling systems, geothermal heat pumps, geo-exchange or earth energy systems as they are known by,
taps the earth's supply of renewable thermal energy, underground or underwater. Up to 70% of the energy required
for heating comes from the constant temperature of the earth, allowing for an extremely efficient system. Along with
air heating and cooling these systems can be adapted to other applications including radiant in-floor heating, car
washes, Laundromat, snow melting, or just plain domestic hot water heating while providing the same outstanding
efficiencies. Typically they deliver up to 4 times more energy than they consume, saving on your monthly energy
costs. Given that a geothermal system has a life expectancy of 20 - 25 years and savings up to 75% over
conventional systems, it is easy to say that Geothermal Heat Pump Systems are a wise and an environmentally
friendly investment.
Nordic® Geothermal Heat Pumps
If you are a "Do It Yourself" looking for help on installing a geothermal heating system (usually saving 1/3 the cost
of the job!), then you have come to the right place! Complete with all the necessary designing and technical support
guiding you through the process for a successful installation. Not only saving big on your energy costs, but also
saving you big on your installation cost! We guide you through every step of the way! We will review your job site
and discuss the design and layout of the ground loops, on-line manuals, do it yourself installation kits as well as give
you all the information in simple, easy to understand language. We take the mystery and guesswork out of what is,
in reality, a very basic and straightforward technology.