What you need to know about the Form 2

Form 2
Download a Form 2 for printing
Patient’s may arrive in the emergency department under a Form 2. It is important to note that a
Form 2 does not allow hospital detention. The purpose of the Form 2 is to allow the police to
apprehend and bring the person to a physician for examination. The purpose of the examination
is for the physician to decide whether or not to sign a Form 1.
Anyone may ask a justice of the peace to sign an Order for Examination (Form 2).
A justice of the peace can use two methods to issue a form two.
Once the order for the examination of the person is signed, it authorizes a police officer to
apprehend the person named on the form. A Form 2 signed by a justice of the peace and a Form
1 signed by a physician are similar in the following way:
both forms authorize apprehension of the person in the community for a period of seven
days, including the day that the form is signed.
A Form 2 and a Form 1 are different in several ways, including the following:
a Form 1 authorizes the holding of the person for up to 72 hours at a psychiatric facility.
The Form 2 does not.
The Form 2 authorizes the detention of a person just long enough for a doctor to make an
initial examination and decide if a Form 1 is appropriate.
If the doctor examines a person brought to him or her on a Form 2 and then signs a Form
1, the person can be detained in a psychiatric facility for an assessment
If the doctor does not sign a Form 1 then, depending on the circumstances the person may be:
admitted, with his or her consent, as a voluntary patient;
admitted as an informal patient. (Informal admission is only permitted in limited
circumstances and requires the consent of the person entitled to make treatment
decisions for the person.);
released; or
placed on a community treatment order, assuming the statutory criteria are met.
A copy of the Form 2 must be kept on the clinical record.
Expiration Date:
A Form 2 is valid seven days from and including the day it is made or at conclusion of physician’s
examination [Justice of the Peace completes this].