The Continuing Cold War

The Continuing Cold War
Chapter 19, section 4
Setting the Scene
2nd Red Scare
1950 - McCarthy’s List
_______________ Communists working for the US government
o Actually people who had been investigated under Truman’s _____________ _______________
Used this list to catapult himself to ________________ (he was a nobody rookie senator before this)
Uses ________________ ________________ to intimidate his opponents
Even Went after George Marshall
o “a conspiracy so immense and an infamy so black as to dwarf any previous venture in the history
of man”
1953 Reelected to the Senate
Made _______________ of the Senate Subcommittee to investigate Communist Influence in the US
Being accused by McCarthy’s committee ruins many _______________ and _________________
Many Senators were afraid to stand up to him for fear of being branded a “_________________”
(communist sympathizer)
o Margaret Chase Smith – “Declaration of Conscience”
1954 – McCarthy’s aid is drafted into the Army.
McCarthy accuses the Army of being “_______________ with Communists”
Senate Sub-Committee votes to investigate the Army, Democrats ask to televise the ________________
Americans are shocked to see McCarthy ______________ and _________________ witnesses
o McCarthy is exposed as a ____________ and loses all _____________, and the Senate
condemns him.
McCarthy accuses the Senate of being Communists
Edward R. Murrow
Journalist who tried to expose McCarthy as a fraud on his program “_______________________”
Effects of McCarthyism:
The US went through an extensive period of suppression of free speech and open debate. ***IT WAS
__________________ TO HAVE A ________________________ OPINION***
The Cold War in the 1950’s
Many policy makers in Washington wanted to “______________________” Communism
Eisenhower knew that open war with the Soviets could be __________________
o Did not aid the ___________________ (1954) ________________ (1956) or the
________________ (1956) in uprisings against the Soviets
Ends the war in Korea
Aid to France who is trying to hold on to on of their colonies, _______________________________
Middle East
Creation of _______________ and Palestine in _______ are a major cause of tension in the Middle East
Eisenhower struggles to keep _________________ nations from falling under Communist influence
Overthrow the temporary Iranian government; reinstate the ____________________ Shah of Iran
o Eisenhower Doctrine – Support any country in the Middle East that was attempting to resist the
influence of Communism
Latin America
We (CIA) overthrow the _________________ Government that was too radical for our tastes
We invade Nicaragua and Honduras to help “____________” two unpopular (but pro-American) leaders
Arms Race
1953 – We test our first __________________ bomb
1954 – Soviets test their first thermonuclear bomb
1954 – We test 19 thermonuclear bombs
The US government believes in a policy of _______________. We will become so strong, no one will
attack us
____________________ – the ability to go the very edge of open war to achieve political goals
____________________ – since we had much better planes to deliver our bombs, the Soviets began to
develop missiles
1957 – Soviets use an ICBM to launch _______________________. Americans realize that they now have the
ability to launce a missile at the US from the USSR
U2 spy plane is shot down
***Both Sputnik and the U2 incident show that we are ________________ behind the soviets in
_______________ research.***