Pure - Prest-O-Sales and Service, Inc.

As analytical instrument manufacturers continue to push the thresholds of sensitivity and
detection limits, so does Prest-O-Sales & Service in producing and distributing application
specific pure gas grades that will meet these stringent specifications. Equally important, we will
help you deliver these critical purities to your instrument applications by assisting with the
associated gas handling equipment for assured results.
Prest-O-Sales & Service provides a full line of zero and support gases developed to meet the
stringent requirements of each specific environmental application. We offer Continuous Emission
Monitoring (CEM) zero grade air and nitrogen; Vehicle Emission Zero (VEZ) grade air, nitrogen
and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) free grade air, helium and nitrogen.
Our highly trained team of field sales representatives, technical service personnel and production
chemists provide the guidance and support you need to resolve regulatory, technical and safety
Insert pdf files in the Pure Gases-Specialty folder from the CD