bp pipeline north america

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) Services
Non-Destructive Vacuum Excavation
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BP Pipeline North America
Project Location
Rochelle, Manhattan, IL
Other Locations
Vacuum Excavation
Performance Period
2007 - Present
$100,000 +
BP Pipeline North America
Hydro-Exc., Inc.’s involvement in the BP Pipeline business started with an emergency
response to a crude oil pipeline breach. In order to deal with a potential ecological hazard,
Hydro-Exc., Inc. crews conducted vacuum excavation to expose the ruptured portion of the
line, so that it could be safely repaired by specialized members of the emergency team.
What followed has been a number of work assignments performed in BP installations located
through-out the Midwest region. Hydro-Exc., Inc. provided a 24/7 one-call response service
and attended to tasks performed in close proximity of oil tanks, pumps, pipelines, mechanical
electrical, and control equipment, and other sensitive facilities.
In addition to their safety training, Hydro-Exc., Inc. crews received Operator Qualification
Training required for excavation and backfill work performed at petroleum pipelines.
Hydro-Exc., Inc.’s reliability, high daily production, non-traditional innovative solutions, and
cost effectiveness were appreciated by the client and brought wider recognition of its abilities
and repetitive business. The work was completed on time and within budget.
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