Salem NH Softball Board of Directors

Salem NH Softball Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes
September 9, 2015
The regular meeting of the Salem NH Softball Board of Directors was called to order at
8:15pm on September 9th, 2015 at Here We Grow Learning Center by President Brett
President: Brett Grande. VP: Steve Twombly. Secretary: Stacy Burns, VP of Support: Ryan
McNamara, Treasurer: Jon Forman and Directors: Rick Solt, Jason Dailey, Rob Schneider &
Matt Campbell
1. Discuss organizational chart and responsibilities
2. Discuss prep for clinics
3. Discuss field maintenance
4. Discuss fundraising ideas
5. Discuss time and date for next meeting
A. Discuss organizational chart and responsibilities
1. Tournaments: Steve Twombly
2. Umpire in Charge: Carmine Loconte
3. Player Agent: Jason Dailey
4. League Scheduler: Steve Twombly
5. Division Director: Jason Dailey
6. Division Director: Bob Schneider
7. CIO: Steve Twombly
8. Block House: Bob Schneider
9. Sponsorship Coordinator: Bob Schneider and Matt Campbell
10. Fundraising Coordinator: Stacy Burns
11. Membership Coordinator/Registration: Steve Twombly
12. Equipment Manager: Stacy Burns, Ryan McNamara, Ed Gaudette
13. Uniform Coordinator: Ryan McNamara
14. Field Maintenance Director: Rick Solt
15. Clinics Coordinator: Ryan McNamara
16. Tournament Field Maintenance: TBD
17. Safety Coordinator: Keri Grande
B. Discuss prep for clinics
1. Steve has emails for The Show and PlayBall. Ryan will contact.
2. We typically give The Show use of the High School field on Wednesday nights in
return for free winter clinics
3. We typically give PlayBall a sign in return for free winter clinics
C. Discuss field equipment
1. Chalk is needed at all fields
2. Rick to stock all locations
D. Discuss fundraising ideas
1. Calendars
2. Texas Roadhouse co-branded gift cards
3. Tag Day
4. Fundraiser night at Texas Roadhouse
5. Fundraiser night at Red Robin
E. Discuss board member discount
1. Matt brought up the idea of a board member discount. There was not enough support.
Meeting was adjourned by President Brett Grande. The next general meeting will be at 7pm
on October 6, 2015, in Salem at the Bryan Field Blockhouse.