Table of Contents

Table of Contents
The Referral Process
Organization of Assistive Technology
Service Providers
The Assistive Technology Lab
Product Showcase
Assistive Technology Action Plan
Resources on the Net
A student placing an order at a fast food restaurant, with the help of a voice output device.
The term "ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY SERVICE" means any service that directly assists a child
with a disability in the selection, acquisition, or use of an assistive technology device.
The term "ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY DEVICE" means any item, piece of equipment, or product
system, whether acquired commercially off the shelf, modified, or customized, that is used to
increase, maintain, or improve capabilities of children with disabilities.
SOURCE: "Guidelines for Assistive Technology;
Issues about which you need to know, Questions you need to ask"
Region IV, Education Service Center
Organization of Assistive Technology Service Providers
The District Assistive Technology Specialist coordinates and supports the District and
Campus Assistive Technology Teams in the provision of assistive technology services
and devices to individual students.
District Assistive Technology Team members participate in Assistive Technology Team
Training provided through the Region IV Education Service Center, and provide support
and expertise to campus teams.
Click here for District Assistive Technology Team Members
Campus Assistive Technology Team members are those persons on a campus who are
directly or indirectly involved with a particular student who may need assistive technology
services. Campus Assistive Technology Team members evaluate the student’s needs in
accessing his or her educational program, and monitor trial use of technology to
determine appropriate technology devices and services. Parents are recognized as
members of the team, and are invited and encouraged to participate in these assessments.
An Assistive Technology Campus Contact Person serves as liaison between campus
teams and the district’s Assistive Technology Specialist.
Click here for Assistive Technology Campus Contact Persons
Special Note: Each campus in the district has a Campus Technology Specialist. This
individual can often provide valuable information concerning building resources, and may
provide technical assistance to assistive technology team members.
The Assistive Technology Lab
The Assistive Technology Lab is the central location for the management of the assistive
technology inventory and coordination of the provision of services to students with special needs.
The Lab provides a space for exploring and learning to use a variety of augmentative devices and
other equipment that supports access to a student’s curriculum. It is also available for the preview
of "access" software programs. The Lab also offers various sample low-tech systems that might
be necessary for some students to benefit from their educational program.
The Lab has a library of books, manuals, and videotapes related to assistive technology and
instructional strategies which can be checked out for review. Duplicates of teacher-made
materials are available for classroom use as well. District personnel are encouraged to use the
Library order form (in your campus contact’s Assistive Technology Manual) to request materials
for checkout or to request copies of materials that can be duplicated.
Training related to the use of assistive technology devices or software supports is offered on a
"request" basis.
The Lab also is available for the making of materials to be used in district classrooms.
District staff members and parents are welcome and encouraged to visit the Lab for any of the
purposes noted above. Regular Lab hours are Mondays and Wednesdays from 1 to 4 PM and
Fridays from 8 AM to 4 PM. Other days/times may be available if requested. Please contact the
AT Lab to schedule an appointment for any visit.
The Lab is housed at the Administrative Support Facility (old Furrows building) at 14051 Bellaire.
Blaise Mladenka, District Assistive Technology Specialist, can be reached at 281-498-8110, ext.
4106. Inter-office mail should be sent to the Central Administration Building. Our post office
address is: Alief Independent School District, PO Box 68, Alief, Texas, 77411.
To e-mail Blaise Mladenka, click here:
Assistive Technology Action Plan
Click Here to see the Assistive Technology Action Plan
The Referral Process
** Please note: This referral process is currently under review. Any revisions will be posted as
they are approved
Current assistive technology devices or services are felt to be ineffective by the parent or
any other member of the ARD committee
On-going assessment of the student’s performance reflects a lack of progress
Considering a recommendation for a personal, sophisticated, unique device
Notify the Assistive Technology Specialist as to the specific purpose of referral for an
Assistive Technology Evaluation
Complete the "Notice of Re-evaluation" form (PS-50/55), obtaining the
Provide parent(s) with the "Explanation of Procedural Safeguards"
Complete the appropriate referral form(s)
Speech/Augmentative Communication (AT 2)
Written Communication (AT 3)
Motor/Position/Mobility (AT 4)
Pre-trial use of an assistive listening device
Complete the "Classroom Observation Form" (AT 5)
Meet with the district Assistive Technology Specialist to review AT devices as necessary
(AT A )
Schedule a meeting of the Campus Assistive Technology Team with the district Assistive
Technology Specialist
Complete the "Student Environmental Tasks and Tools" (SETT Framework) (AT
Complete the "Feature Match Checklist" (AT 7) (Optional)
Complete the "Assignment and Follow-up" (AT 8)
Determine what training to Campus Assistive Technology team members and the
student might be necessary, and by whom, and schedule accordingly (provide a
copy of the assignment sheet to appropriate members of the team)
Conduct a trial of assistive technology device(s) with the student and provide data that
indicates improved outcomes resulting from the use of the device(s)
Complete the "Assistive Technology Summary" (AT 1)
Recommendations written in the "Assistive Technology Summary" (AT 1) by the Campus
Assistive Technology team are then presented to the ARD committee for consideration.
Note the Assistive Technology Evaluation and write the date of the evaluation on Section
1A of the first page (SP 6) of the ARD document
Complete the Assistive Technology modifications section of the IEP (SP 27 part 1B)
Provide for copies of the Assistive Technology Evaluation and the ARD document to the
Student’s Audit folder and the Student’s Special Education Team Members
Send a copy of the Assistive Technology Evaluation to the Assistive Technology
Give a copy of the modifications to appropriate general education teachers
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