Cave Castle Golf Members Club

Cave Castle Golf Members Club
Minutes of Committee Meeting held on 13th August 2012
In attendance
Tony Cave, Captain
Mike Cross, Vice Captain
Charles Robinson, Immediate Past Captain
Tony Day , Seniors Captain
John Gray, Treasurer
Les Wrightson, Chair of Greens
Paddy Greenwood, Junior Organiser
Graham Elliot, Social Committee Member
Steve MacKinder, Club Professional
Pete Lappin East Riding Rep
Dave Henderson, Secretary
1. Apologies
Jane Henderson, Ladies Captain
Linda Robinson, Ladies Vice Captain
Rich Bird, Chair, Comps & H/caps
G Branton, Seniors Vice Captain
Pam Spaven, Chair, Social
2. Minutes of last meeting held on 16th July were approved
3. General matters arising;CRB Check
Charles is to investigate fully whether we need the helpers for the junior
coaching sessions CRB checked.
4. Reports and matters arising from reports
4.1 Professional
Steve said that there was nothing to report, all the competitions were going well,
and he had received good comments about the course.
4.2 Lady Captain
Matters arising- Ladies committee looking at Congu recommendation regarding
handicap calculation for mixed competitions.
Mixed friendly with Cottingham 21st July – 8 couples played the weather and
food were great very enjoyable day Cave Castle won. Thanks to everyone for
their support.
25th July Ladies Away Day to Laceby Manor – 17 ladies attended. Lovely
course, even though it was quite tough. We played an individual stableford,
Chris Dry won – Liz Swann came second the weather was great, good food. I
think everyone enjoyed the day I know I did. Thank you to all the ladies who
Ladies Invitation Day on the 9th- thanks to Captain Tony and Vice Captain Mike
for running the halfway house, very much appreciated. Although there weren’t
as many entries as I would have liked it was a lovely day the course, the food
and the company were excellent. The winners were myself, Alison Eyre and our
guests with a score of 95 points. Lady Captains weekend is all in hand with the
mixed on Saturday and the ladies Regional Trophy on Sunday (hope the weather
holds). Next EGGs and LEGs on 22nd poster is in clubhouse need to drum up
support. Poster up for mixed friendly at Beverley 2nd September - 8 couples
filling up fast.
4.3 Greens
Chair thanked Les for the condition of the course, the jets on the shoe cleaner
have been changed because the original ones were to powerful.
The waste bins are emptied on a regular basis, and it was just unusual that they
were overflowing that weekend.
The Chair was asked if he could ask if we could have a practice bunker sited
somewhere, also the area to the left of the 1st tee that is presently overgrown can
this be made into a practice area, Chair said that he would raise the ideas with
4.4 Competitions & Handicaps
The Chair sent the following report.
Competitions & Handicaps Report August 2012
Mens Competitions: (See diary)
Mike Burrows Pairs 22nd July – 22 competitors winners Mike Cross & Brad Louw
Medal (7) OMQ 26th July – 38 competitors winner Paul Wilson nett 63
Club Stab (4) 8th July – 36 competitors winner Dave Harrison 34 pts.
Tiger Trophy 15th July. 24 competitors winner Alex James nett 69.
Rabbits Cup 15th July. 28 competitors winner Gregg Morter nett 69.
Medal (8) OMQ 14th July – 31 competitors winner Callum Skinner nett 68
Midwk Medal (9) OMQ 19th July – 63 competitors winner Callum Skinner nett 68
Medal (10) OMQ 21st July – 51 competitors winner Arle Wardene nett 68
Club Championship rd 1 OMQ – 78 competitors winner Paul Johnston nett 63
Club Championship rd 2 OMQ – 71 competitors winner Capt Tony Cave nett 68
Club Champion – Warren McMillan gross 150
Club Championship nett – Paul Johnston nett 136
Presentation Stab 4th August – 36 competitors winner Peter Goodwin 43 pts.
Mayors Putter 5th August – 58 competitors winner Steve Lount 43 pts.
Midwk Medal (11) OMQ 9th August – 62 competitors winner Russell Horrobin nett 67
CCGC Div 1,2 & 3 Open 11th August – 147 competitors.
Away Results
Div 1 Ganstead 14th July – No winners.
Div 2 Ganstead 14th July – No winners.
Div 3 Withernsea 14th July – No winners.
Div 1 Sutton 28th July – Waits result.
Div 2 Sutton 28th July – Waits result.
Div 3 Sutton 28th July – Waits result.
Div 1 Brough 4th August – No winners.
Div 3 Hessle 4th August – No winners.
External Qualifiers.
Lombard Trophy played CCGC 31st March – Entry cheque submitted. Playing 19th July Waits result.
Millennium Stableford played CCGC 7th April – Entry paperwork and cheque received by organisers.
Draw & tee times with players – Waits Filey result 16th June.
EGU London Pride played CCGC 20th May – Steve Lidgett qualified at Scarborough for the final at
Woodhall Spa on 18th/19th June with 34 points.
Wiles cup Pairs 2012 played CCGC 22nd April – Result with organisers, waits draw info.
London Pride Spring Swing 6th May – New event. Result with organisers, waits crate of beer.
Hall of Fame.27th May – Organisers acknowledgement received. Regional Final 14th August. Waits
Daily Mail foursomes CCGMC qualifier 23 Sept – Winners to represent CCGMC in the 2013 event.
Registering takes place December 2012.
Knockout competitions. NAPA/Tom Pye/Charles Whittle scratch.
Entry draws completed & issued. Fees with Treasurer – 15.00
NAPA Quarter Finals by 12th August.
Tom Pye Round 4 by 12th August.
Charles Whittle Quarter Finals by 12th August.
Order of Merit.
Issued 30th July – Next update f/cast Mid Sept.
Eclectic Competition.
Issued 12th June – Next update f/cast Mid July. Still.
Competition Diary.
Review month ahead. Verify entry fees.
Juniors handicaps. Ref Junior chair. No issues highlighted.
Pro stabs. Reviewed for general play amendments. Last review 13th July.
Membership details. Updated by requests for handicaps. Review with Jane admin required.
Preferred Lies. Status off as of 19th May.
Club 2000. Upgraded to version 15-2a, build 7 – latest.
Players with less than 3 Qualifying rounds – List issued.
Other Actions.
Club competition diary requires loading to website – Completed up to end of September. Requires
loading to year end.
New members – Ongoing list compiled from Summer 2011 to current date.
Honours Boards – Ongoing – requires info Hole in 1, ref J.G. Where is Seniors board.
Electronic measuring devices. Notice in Mens locker room.
4.5 Secretary
No report.
4.6 Treasurer
The Treasurer presented the latest accounts, he was just waiting for the levy
from the management to get the club account up to date.
4.7 Social
Graham reported that the barbecue had been very successful making a healthy
profit. The next event is a 40’s night on October 27th fancy dress is preferred but
not mandatory.
4.8 Seniors
No report
4.9 Juniors
Paddy told the meeting that the team had finished 3rd in the league, he thanked
Charles for the great job he’s doing. The junior boys championship is on
Thursday 16th at Brough G.C.
4.10 Vice-Captain
The Vice Captain stated that the populating of the diary was stuttering a bit with
dates waiting to be confirmed, needs to speak to Linda about the ladies dates.
He said he was looking at putting a Sunday driver weekend in the diary, and
asked John if he could get some prices for next year.
Mike finished by saying that he had a meeting with Jackie that was very
4.11 Immediate Past Captain
Charles reported that the trophy audit will be completed for presentation night.
4.13 Captain
The Captain said that the score cards were due a reprint, there was a couple of
amendments that need doing on the local rules about the poles supporting the
power lines on the 4th & 6th.
Tony proposed that the senior Captain’s board should be re-sited in the bar area,
a junior Captain’s board is to be started, Pete and Paddy to trace the names of
previous Captain’s.
4.14 East Riding Rep
Pete went through the latest and said that he would load it onto the website.
5. A.O.B.
25th Anniversary
Mike is to organise a committee to raise ideas of how to celebrate 25th
anniversary of Cave Castle golf club in 2014. John suggested that we need to
talk to the management to get them onside with the project.
Past medal winners comp
Pete has agreed to organise the past medal winners competition in October.
6. Suggestion book
Suggestion book was read and the Captain will post replies.
7. Date of next meeting 17th September 2012 7.30 sharp