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Brainstorm Method Presentation Activity Doc

Brainstorm Method Activity
Objective:​You'll learn different ways of brainstorming in this
activity. You'll research a brainstorming method with your
group, but also get to see what other groups are looking into so
that you can try out the most appealing one in your next essay.
Over the course of the semester, you'll get to try out all of
the different brainstorming methods as you fine tune your
argumentative writing skills.
Directions:​ Within your group, research a brainstorm method that
could apply to preparing for an essay. Develop an argument as to why
you think that particular brainstorm method is worth trying. You will
present your argument alongside a group Padlet post to our class
page. Your Padet must include a representation of your brainstorm
method i.e. text, picture, diagram, screengrab, drawing etc. You will
reference your Padlet post during the presentation. The class will
have one minute following your presentation for
Needs to:
Present a clear
argument for
Include a
of the method
Include each
team member in
the presentation
Questions to consider:
- What are the pros and cons of this method?
- What will be a convincing way to deliver my method?
- What do I know about my audience?
- How can I use evidence to support my argument?
- What makes me a credible source?
- What outside knowledge or expertise can I bring in?
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