1. How old ________ ?
a) are you b) you are c) you have
d) have you
2. Where ________ Mary live?
a) does
b) do c) are
d) is
3. They __________ last week.
a) came not
b) don't came
c) didn't come
d) didn't came
4. I ___________to London five times this week.
a) went
b) have gone
c) have been
d) was going
5. Are you thirsty? _________ make you a drink?
a) Will I b) Shall I
c) Do I
d) I'll
6. We can start as soon as they ____________.
a) arrive
b) are arriving
c) will arrive
d) are going to arrive
7. How do you know? ___________ you?
a) Who did tell you
b) Who have told
c) Who has told
d) Who did told
8. Marc lives in Paris, ___________?
a) isn't it
b) does he
c) don't he
d) doesn't he
9. Jack doesn't speak French and _____________.
a) Jill doesn't neither
b) Jill does neither c) neither does Jill d) neither doesn't Jill
10. Are you a vegetarian? - Yes, I never eat ____________.
a) meat
b) the meat
c) some meat
d) a meat
11. Look at __________ cows in the field over there.
a) these
b) that
c) those
d) this
12. Her eyes are blue and her __________ dark.
a) hair are
b) hair is
c) hairs are
c) hairs is
13. Have you got ___________?
a) many luggages
b) many luggage
c) much luggage
d) much luggages
14. We thought the film was _______________.
a) very bored
b) much boring
c) very boring
d) very bored
15. Sara is only 15. She isn't _____________ drive a car.
a) enough old to
b) enough old for c) old enough to
d) old enough for
16. In the photo Tom looks _____________ his friends.
a) happier then
b) happier than
c) happyer than
d) more happy then
17. It happened ___________ Friday.
a) at lunch-time on b) at lunch-time in c) at lunch-time at
d) on lunch-time at
18. The rooms were full _________ old furniture.
a) from b) of c) off d) with
19. We're going to _____________ some shopping.
a) make
b) get
c) do
d) have
20. The plane ____________ in bad weather.
a) pulled off
b) put up
c) got up
d) took off
21. Oh, no! My camera isn't here. It _____________!
a) is stolen
b) is being stolen
c) has been stolen
d) has stolen
22. Tomorrow we can go for a picnic if the weather ___________ fine.
a) is being
b) will be
c) would be
d) is
23. If I ____________ you, I would go to the police.
a) would be
b) should be
c) were
d) am
24. I wish I _______________ to bed earlier last night.
a) went
b) had gone
c) was going
d) have gone
25. Your cousin ___________ she lived in a small flat.
a) said me
b) to me said
c) told
d) told me
26. Do you know where _______________?
a) lives Joe
b) do Joe lives
c) does Joe live
d) Joe lives
27. __________ the fact that nobody thought he should do it, he did it.
a) However
b) Despite of
c) In spite of
c) Because
28. Do you know the girl ___________ mother went to school with mine?
a) who b) that
c) which
d) whose
29. Take your umbrella ____________it rains.
a) because
b) because of
c) for
d) in case
30. The team played __________.
a) well
b) good
c) goodly
d) bestly
31. She's going to meet _____________ at the station.
a) they
b) them
c) their
d) theirs
32. I'd like ________________ information, please.
a) a
b) an
c) the
d) some
33. Paris is ____ European city.
a) a
b) an
c) the
d) some
34. I knew her name because I ____________ before.
a) had met
b) had meet
c) has met
d) have met
35. We don't have any milk left. - I _____________ it.
a) am going to buy
b) will buy
c) am buying
d) will be buying it
36. I like this kind of music. -______________.
a) I like, too b) So do I
c) I do so
d) So am I
37. A friend of _______________ visited me.
a) them
b) they
c) their
d) theirs
38. It is ____________ stupid story.
a) such
b) such a
c) so
d) so a
39. There are ten ____________ people there.
a) hundred
b) hundreds
c) hundred's
d) hundreds'
40. May Day is _______ May 1st.
a) on
b) in
c) at
d) of
41. The teacher looks ____________.
a) angrily
b) angryly
c) angry
d) more angry
42. My parents asked us _____________________.
a) where are we going b) where we are going
c) where do we go d) where we were going
43. She's got ___________ dresses than her mother.
a) less
b) fewer
c) least
d) fewest
44. Three ____________ are waiting for him.
a) ladies
b) ladys
c) lady's
d) ladys'
45. This is the little dog ____________ we found on the street.
a) who
b) whom
c) d) whose
46. It was really very __________ of him to make so many mistakes.
a) careless
b) careful
c) uncareful
d) carefree
47. Why do I always have to ___________ you to do your homework?
a) remind
b) remember
c) regret
d) memorise
48. These ________ are from Australia and ___________ are from Canada.
a) sheep / wolf
b) sheeps / wolfs
c) sheep / wolves
d) sheep / wolfs
49. They have always enjoyed _______________ music.
a) to listen b) to listen to
c) listening
d) listening to
50. He'll get here __________ twenty minutes.
a) for
b) in
c) by
d) at
51. Your boss will never ____________ you to use the telephone for private calls.
a) let
b) agree
c) allow
d) accept
52. You look as if you ___________ just about to scream.
a) are
b) were
c) have been
d) had been
53. In towns you have to drive slowly. You _____________ drive fast.
a) mustn't
b) don't have to
c) haven't to
d) don't must
54. We can't use the car because it ___________________.
a) is repairing
b) on repair
c) is being repaired
d) is repaired
55. Tomorrow I'm going to _________________ at the new hairdresser's.
a) have my hair cut
b) cut my hair
c) have cut my hair
d) have cut my hair
56. ___________________? - She's very nice.
a) How is she?
b) What is she?
c) What is she like?
d) What does she like?
57. This time next week __________________ on the beach.
a) I'll lie
b) I'll lay
c) will be lying
d) will be laying
58. They discussed _______ many things.
a) b) on
c) about
d) of
59. He gave me _________ very good advice.
a) a
b) an
c) the
d) 60. No sooner _______________ than the trouble bagan.
a) he had arrived
b) he has arrived
c) had he arrived
d) has he arrived
61. Nobody would say such a thing unless he ______________ it.
a) believes
b) believed
c) doesn't believe
d) didn't believe
62. ___________ students are present.
a) The most
b) A most
c) Most
d) Most of
63. He went to ______________ prison to visit his brother. This time he didn't go to
____________ prison for committing a crime.
a) the / the
b) - / the
c) the / d) - / 64. Which news ________ the best for you?
a) is
b) are
65. Will you look __________ the children for me.
a) at
b) after
c) on
d) by
66. I'd like to know the _______________ of rebuilding the house.
a) bill
b) price
c) cost
d) charge
67. This painting is ______________. It was painted by Van Gogh.
a) priceless
b) valueless
c) worthless
d) without price
68. Psychiatrists believe that the most important thing for children is ___________ by others.
a) to be loving
b) to have loved
c) to be loved
d) to have been loved
69. ________________ his soup, he rushed out of the house.
a) Eating
b) While eating
c) Having eaten
d) Having been eaten
70. The students were ___________ slow to understand the message of the story.
a) quiet
b) quiete
c) quit
d) quite
71. I've been living in London for five years now, so I ____________ the traffic.
a) used to
b) am used to
c) have used to
d) used
72. Paul suggested _______________ to the cinema.
a) going
b) to going
c) go
d) to go
73. Bob ____________ be away on holiday, I saw him in front of the post office yesterday.
a) doesn't have to
b) could
c) can't
d) must
74. I ________________ solve the problem, although it was difficult.
a) was able to
b) could
c) must
d) should
75. If she ___________ the umbrella, she wouldn't have got wet.
a) took
b) would take
c) had taken
d) would have taken
76. Our new boss is friendly, but _______________ he can be very strict.
a) moreover
b) however
c) furthermore
d) on the other hand
77. ____________ you study hard, you will pass your exams.
a) Supposing
b) Providing
c) Unless
d) Supposed
78. Some people are not upset by violence, but ___________ are.
a) another
b) anothers
c) other
d) others
79. Everyone __________ that sun rises in the East.
a) knows
b) know
c) have known
d) has known
80. The film _____________ very boring if you fell asleep.
a) must have been b) must be
c) has to be
d) had to be
81. Isn’t it about time you _____________ work?
a) are leaving
b) will leave to c) to leave for d) were leaving for
82. He lived alone, his wife ____________ him a year or two before.
a) deserting b) having been deserted c) being deserted d) having deserted
83. This sandwich smells _______________. You _______________ eat it.
a) bad / had better not
b) badly / shouldn’t better c) bad / would better not d) badly / had better not to
84. ____________ Sam, give him my love.
a) If you saw
b) Will you see
c) If you will see d) Should you see
85. He refused ______________ in the wrong.
a) admitting being b) to admit to be c) admitting to be d) to admit being
86. I suggest the number of students in the class _____________.
a) be reduced b) are reduced c) to reduce d) to be reduced
87. She prides herself _________ such a good cook but there aren’t many people who compliment
her ________ her cooking.
a) to be / on
b) on being / on
c) to be / for
d) on being / for
88. Unless you return those cassettes to the video library now, you will have to pay a
a) punishment
b) cost
c) money ticket
d) fine
89. ___________ she liked the painting very much, she restrained herself ____________ it.
a) Despite / from buying b) Even though / not to buy c) Despite / not to buy d) Even though / from buying
90. She believed everything he told her. Everybody says she is far too ____________.
a) credible
b) creditable
c) believable
d) credulous
91. She thought she was entitled to ______________ treatment.
a) preferable
b) preference c) preferment
d) preferential
92. Never ___________ Anna for the first time.
a) I shall forget to see b) shall I forget to see c) shall I forget seeing d) I shall forget seeing
93. Emma is one of the most beautiful women ________________.
a) I have ever lain eyes at
b) I have ever lain eyes on c) I have ever laid eyes at d) I have ever laid eyes on
94. I had such a nice and relaxing time last week. I had a few days off, so I ______________ to
a) needn’t go b) needn’t have gone c) didn’t need to go d) don’t need to go
95. Nobody knew _________________?
a) what was the answer, did he
b) what the answer was, didn’t he
c) what the answer was, did they d) what was the answer, didn’t they
96. I’d rather _________________.
a) you didn’t go before she comes
b) you don’t go before she comes
c) you don’t go before she came
d) you didn’t go before she will come
97. ______________ that loose button on the shirt before it falls off.
a) Sew
b) Sow
c) Saw
d) Set
98. Her mathematics___________ not very good, but she is an expert ________ Eastern
a) is / for
b) are / for
c) is / on
d) are / on
99. She is staying with her ______________ Ohrid.
a) in-laws’ at Lake b) in-laws at Lake
c) in-laws’ at the Lake d) in-laws at the Lake
100. ______________ your point of view, we’ll have agree to disagree.
a) Although being respected b) Despite I respect c) Much as I respect d) Though much respected