Assessment Fellows Application

Division of Student Affairs
Assessment Fellows
Student Affairs Assessment Fellows program is an opportunity for professionals in the division to create, maintain
and support a culture of evidence and improvement. By serving as a leader within their respective units, the
Fellows will assist unit colleagues in implementing division outcomes and assessing effectiveness. The Fellows will
also work to develop a focus on student success and learning by engaging colleagues in the topic and working
closely with unit leadership. Assessment Fellows will also receive specialized training to increase their skills and
knowledge about student learning and assessment to better serve their units.
Appointed Fellows are expected to serve a minimum of two years, where the first year will focus on assessment
training, skills and related projects. This is meant to help ensure Fellows have a basic set shared knowledge and
skills as well as the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the committee and the division. The second year
will involve specialized training on topics of interest (e.g. advanced data analysis or survey design, learning theory,
instructional design, etc.) and a range of projects including training, coaching and divisional assessment.
Following the second year, Fellows may continue to serve at will if they choose.
Attend scheduled Fellows meetings (usually monthly) to:
o plan committee activities
o discuss and support projects within members’ units
o discuss successes and challenges
Attend scheduled training sessions (usually monthly for first year members)
Work with your unit leaders to establish effective assessment practices and policies that support a
culture of evidence and improvement. This includes
o establishing unit-level assessment expectations and reporting
o providing one-on-one consultation
o developing professional development opportunities within the unit
o communicating division level projects and opportunities
Serve as unit liaison to Student Affairs Assessment and Research
Assist unit in understanding and adhering to Divisional policies and procedures related to assessment and
Becoming a Fellow
The Assessment Fellows program will accommodate at least one representative from each major unit within
in the Division of Student Affairs (i.e. DOS, UCTC, Housing, EMU, etc.). Additional fellows may be approved
for departments that are larger in staffing size. Fellows may already be well-experienced with assessment
methodologies and tools, or they may be new to assessment procedures. Of prime importance will be the
commitment and opportunity to guide the assessment work of their units. More information is available
Staff members who are interested in being appointed should complete the application by the end of April, of each
year. Selected Fellows will be announced near the end of May. More information at
Updated: 2/12/2016
Assessment Fellows Application
Name ________________________________________________________
Phone Number ______________________
Date ____________________
Email __________________________
Student Affairs Department ___________________________ Position Title _____________________________
Director’s Name ___________________________________Director’s Email_____________________________
Supervisor’s Name ________________________________ Supervisor’s Email ___________________________
Please confirm you’ve completed the skills survey (link below) ___ yes
(if not please do before continuing)
Please respond to the following short answer questions.
1) Briefly explain your interest in the Assessment Fellows program and how it fits into your professional or
career interests.
2) What individual strengths and challenges would you bring to the committee?
3) What learning opportunities would you look forward to experiencing as a member of the Assessment
Fellows team?
4) How will you be engaged in and influence your unit’s planning and assessment processes as a Fellow?
NOTE: By electronically submitting this application, I agree that I have discussed my ability to serve the division
and my department through this appointment with the Director of my unit my direct Supervisor. They agree and
confirm that I will have the opportunity within my unit to guide and develop appropriate planning processes and
assessment projects within my unit. I also agree to the responsibilities as outlined and commit to them for the
duration of the appointment. I understand that my supervisor and department director will be consulted during
the appointment process.
To request special accommodations related to completing and submitting the application or to submit the
application, please email Stan Dura at
Updated: 2/12/2016