Grade Conversion Supplementary information form

Guidance notes for students studying on Exchange at The University of Western Australia
Academic matters
As a participant on the Queen Mary International Exchange Programme you must comply with the
following requirements to ensure that the academic work you undertake overseas will count towards
your Queen Mary degree.
You must take a full course load in order to satisfy your Queen Mary/University of London degree
requirements. This means enrolling in the following number of credits/modules:
24 credits (usually four 6 credit courses) per semester
You should not overload or underload during your exchange period. If you overload, the extra
course(s) will not be incorporated into your Queen Mary academic record. If you underload, you will
not receive full Queen Mary credit which may have an impact on your degree progression when you
return and on your final degree classification.
You are expected to maintain an academic standard that will allow you to progress on your Queen
Mary degree programme. If your academic progress is not satisfactory at any assessed point of your
course of study the host institution reserves the right to deregister you.
If your results at the end of the exchange year fail to meet the progression requirements at Queen
Mary you will be required to retake the year at Queen Mary on a full or part-time basis in order to
make good any deficit. Any such retake year will be at your own financial expense.
You are subject to the rules and regulations of The University of Western Australia during your
exchange period.
Make sure you understand how the work you do abroad, and marks you achieve, will contribute to
your QMUL degree classification. Your Study Abroad Co-ordinator will be able to explain this to you.
In order for your period abroad to be recognised as part of your QMUL degree, it is imperative that the
College receives a formal academic transcript from The University of Western Australia detailing the
course units that you have taken and the grades that you have received.
Some universities will automatically issue an academic transcript whilst others will require you to order
a copy. Check with the Study Abroad Office at The University of Western Australia as to the process
you should follow. NOTE that if you have left ANY debts at The University of Western Australia they
will not release your transcript and this will jeopardise your progression on return to QMUL.
All students should arrange for an academic transcript to be sent directly to the Study Abroad Office
at QMUL.
Credit Transfer and Grade Conversion
Marking schemes used at partner institutions are likely to be different from those used at Queen Mary.
When you return, your grades will be converted. It is the responsibility of Subject Examination Boards
(SEBs) to undertake the conversion.
This will be achieved with reference to:
(i) The specific partner university Credit Transfer and Grade conversion guidance: this can be
accessed at …(link 3)
(ii) Contextual information relating to the Partner University’s credit and grading system;
(iii) Course Unit information, including the mean and/or median grade for the course unit and the
student’s position within the class (provided on the Grade Conversion Supplementary information
(iv) the level and ambition of the course unit;
Consequences of Failing
Failing course units taken abroad could have serious implications for progression to subsequent years
of study and / or your ability to graduate. Make sure that you discuss the consequences in advance
with your Study Abroad Co-ordinator.
Student Responsibilities with regard to Credit Transfer and Grade Conversion
It is the student’s responsibility to do the following:
have up-to-date knowledge of their degree requirements and how course work undertaken
abroad will relate to their overall degree programme;
complete a study plan in a timely manner in discussion with the Study Abroad Coordinator in
your School
thoroughly research course availability, course pre-requisites and course syllabus information
at The University of Western Australia;
obtain the Grade Conversion Supplementary information form. This can be downloaded here
insert link 4
Whilst abroad:
discuss and seek written approval for all changes to courses from the Study Abroad
Coordinator in you school. You will need to submit a study plan amendment form
communicate with your Study Aborad Coordinator about significant situations that may impact
academic progress and performance in a specific course during the semester as a whole.
These can be both personal problems as well as difficulties in dealing with some part of the
curriculum or gaining access to facilities etc.
ensure that a transcript is ordered and sent to the study abroad office at QMUL;
obtain a completed ‘Grade Conversion Supplementary information form’ for each course unit
undertaken (wherever possible) - where professors are unwilling to complete the Form,
students must request confirmation in writing that this is the case. This information will be
communicated to the relevant SEB so that students are not disadvantaged.
On return to QMUL:
submit completed ‘Grade Conversion Supplementary information forms’ for each course to
the Study Abroad Office.
Publication of Converted Grades
Confirmed results will be available on the official publication of results date in July, once they have
been approved by the relevant examination boards. In 2013/14, this date will be 9 July 2014.
You should not expect to see any marks on the QMUL system prior to then.
Study plans
You will be required to submit a study plan before you arrive at The University of Western Australia .
The study plan will record the courses you take while abroad. The plan must be completed in
consultation with your Study Abroad Co-ordinator and you must have their approval for your initial
plan of study and for any subsequent alterations made to the plan.
When completing your initial plan, prior to commencing your studies at The University of Western
Australia, please note the following:
You must select a number of courses or credit totals within the parameters given for The
University of Western Australia in the exchange programme contract
You should use The University of Western Australia’s online course catalogue when
compiling your study plan. These will include course descriptions, levels and credit values.
In consultation with your department(s) you must ensure that your plan meets your QM
degree requirements and will allow you to progress on your degree when you return to QM.
You must indicate on your study plan the courses that will count towards your Queen Mary
degree classification.
As changes to initial plans are common due to course cancellations, time table conflicts etc. it
is advised that you get pre-approval from your department(s) for some additional classes to
use as alternatives.
Higher level classes may have pre-requisites. Ensure that you have covered the required
knowledge in your QM degree programme or at school (if school level knowledge is
Most of our partner universities will only expect you to register for your first semester (or term)
class schedule before your arrival. If you are going on exchange for a year it is still worth
completing an initial plan for both semesters (or all 3 terms) before you depart, even though
changes are likely.
Please note that submitting a study plan does not in itself guarantee you a place on specific
courses. This will only happen after you have registered for classes using the instructions
provided by The University of Western Australia .
Once you have completed your initial plan (including signed approval from your department(s) you
must keep a copy and email or deliver the original to Harry Gibney in the International Office (E09).
You must submit a study plan with Harry Gibney before you leave for your host institution. If
you make any changes to your initial plan you must complete a study plan amendment form
indicating which courses have been dropped from your initial plan and which courses have replaced
them. You must seek departmental approval for these courses. In order to do this you should email
your adviser with details of the new course. You should cc Harry Gibney so that he is aware of the
changes. Your adviser must also cc Harry when s/he gives approval for the new course(s).
The study plan must be finalised before the end of the registration period at The University of Western
Australia .
If you are studying overseas for the year you will need to confirm your study plan for each
semester/term of study. Harry Gibney will keep a record of your study plan with any amendment
forms. Please note that any changes to your study plan which the exchange programme office have
not been informed about may not be incorporated into your QMUL academic record.