World Culture Substitution


All About World Culture Substitution

Dear Student:

The following questionnaire is designed to assess the degree to which your experience abroad fulfills the spirit of the World Culture

Requirement as described in the UW-Green Bay catalog under General

Education Requirements. The requirement specifies that students shall gain a fundamental understanding of contemporary global issues and problems related to multiculturalism and ethnocentrism through the study of beliefs, values, and way of life in a country other than the U.S.

There are a number of course offerings that fulfill this requirement. In addition, the completion of a second year of a foreign language may also be used to fulfill the World Culture requirement. Students who are not residents of the United States satisfy the requirement by residence and course work at UW-Green Bay. If you wish to use an alternative experience to satisfy this requirement (with no credits granted), it is important that you document how your experience abroad satisfies the

World Culture requirement.

Please respond in writing to the questions below. Petitions referring to an experience abroad less than three weeks will be denied. In addition, it is important that you demonstrate that your experience in another country met the learning outcome for the World Culture requirement.

1. Describe your experience abroad in terms of the country(ies) where you lived or traveled, the duration, in what capacity, and what you did.

2. Discuss what you learned about the language, customs, and values of this country.

3. Provide a list of the books, articles, or other material that you used to familiarize yourself with the culture of this country.

4. Describe at least three contemporary issues (for example, social, political, cultural, economic) that were central to this culture during the time you had lived in this country.

5. How are these issues unique to the particular culture you had experienced? In what ways are these issues similar to those in the

United States or those that are global in nature?

Provide documentation of your experience abroad. Such documentation may include copies of your passport, airline tickets, travel passes, receipts from museums, etc.