The European Union
Lesson 3
How does cultural diversity impact
political identity?
The European Union
Symbols of the European Union
The European flag
The European anthem
Ode to Joy
Europe Day
May 9
The motto
United in diversity
The European Union
The European Union
Windows, Doorways and Bridges on EU Notes
symbolize connectedness and openness.
The European Union
EU coins have a common front and
nation-specific designs on the reverse.
The European Union
23 Official Languages
The European Union
EU Interpreters & Translators at Work
The European Union
Europe is a Mix of
Many Ethnicities
The European Union
Study Abroad Programs
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Over 2 million young people have
studied or pursued personal
development in other European
countries with support from EU
The European Union
Study Abroad Programs
• Comenius: school education
• Erasmus Mundus: higher
education mobility
• Leonardo da Vinci:
vocational training
• Atlantis: EU-US cooperation in
education and training
• Youth in Action: voluntary
work and non-formal education
The European Union
Free to move
•No police or customs checks at
borders between most EU countries
•Controls strengthened at EU external
•More cooperation between police
from different EU countries
•You can buy and bring back any
goods for personal use when traveling
between EU countries