Einladung 15.12.04

BFAM – Bioinformatics for the
functional analysis of
mammalian genomes
Bioinformatics Initiative Munich
Studiengang Bioinformatik
Supported by the DFG
Bioinformatics for Mammalian Genomes
Technology Platform of the NGFN
Supported by the BMBF
IBB Institute for Biomathematics
and Biometry GSF
Bioinformatics Colloquium
Analytical frameworks to elucidate structure
and functionalities of plant genomes
Dr. Klaus F. X. Mayer
GSF-Institute for Bioinformatics
Availability of large scale genomic information of plants is a foundation to study
functionalities of individual genes and their relations, their evolutionary
relatedness and builds a foundation for crop improvement and molecular assisted
plant breeding. In contrast to animals genome sizes in plants vary 1000 fold and
the in part highly repetitive nature of plant genomes poses severe challenges
onto current analytical frameworks to analyse and structure the content of plant
genomes in functional, evolutionary and functional context. The presentation
will illustrate analytical strategies for plant genomes and will put a special
emphasis on recent work focussed on the analysis and elucidation of structure
and pecularities of the maize genome. A recent large scale effort has generated a
rich data resource which allows to apply analytical, and comparative frameworks
and for the first time gives detailed insights into pecularities and structure of
maize and other grass genomes.
Wednesday, December 15th, 2004, 6.00 pm, Theresienstr. 39, HS 51