In the year 2007, I while in Reno IBM convention invited International
President Phil Willmarth to Kolkata (formerly Calcutta). Phil accepted the
invitation and came down to Kolkata to encourage the local IBM members and
inject enthusiasm amongst non-IBM members to join the IBM.
I personally and as the Vice President of IBM in India arranged a grand Gettogether under the banner of IBM Ring #83 in honor of the Int’l President were
quite a good number of magicians from around the country congregated to
teach, learn, perform and have fun in the presence of the IBM Int’l President.
To commemorate this valuable occasion I had published a beautiful souvenir,
which soon become a collector’s piece, and went all over the world to the magiclovers as a gift.
BTW, I have set a trend of adding a section of magic effects whenever I publish a
souvenir—the Ring #83 2007 Get-together souvenir was no exception. It
included several offerings, from close-up capers to stage conjuring from the
magic creators of repute from east and west, who understand their Art
Apart from ‘A Greeting from the President’, in addition “Last few words’ the
souvenir titled “Memorable Magic Moments” included:
Phil Willmarth laudation by Jack White
Chronicle of IBM Ring #83 recounted by Solyl Kundu
Photographs of the Performers and Contributors in magic section
In addition, the magic section included
‘Cornered’ by Aldo Colombini
‘Bang Gun - Balloon Antics’ by David J. O'Connor
‘Anti-Gravity Bottle’ by Gora Dutta
‘Centrifugal ESP’ by Max Maven
‘Elementary, My Dear Watson’ by Peter Marucci
‘Balls Across - Persistence of Vision’ by Paul Hyland
‘The Acrobat (new one hand knot)’ by Phil Willmarth
‘The Magic Coin Box’ by Samuel Patrick Smith
‘Cane to Plume’ by Solyl Kundu
‘Glass Backwards’ by Tom Craven
‘Thinking Inside the Square’ by Wayne Rogers
Apart that there is an ad section comprising ads from various magic dealers and
well-wishers of magic.
I still get request for this Souvenir from the magical memorabilia collectors as
well as magic lovers world over, however due to excessive postal charges find
difficult to oblige all—what a pity! Therefore, I have published the first digital
edition of the Memorable Magical Moments on May 22, 2013.
For information for the enthusiasts, it is available from www.lybrary.com