The Magic Box project

The Magic Box
Kostantina Sermbezoudis
The dilemma
• Who? - The Hallmark of Battery Park City wants a
video communication system
• What? - With a video communication system, the
senior citizens can be able to see future events
• Why? - Many times the elderly
can forget where they placed
The problem
• Nobody really knows how to use the equipment
• The program is complicated to use
• Requires practice and a better
The solution
• Pace University’s course CIS 102T
What is magic Box?
• It’s the company that makes the Aavelin Composer
software which is what is used for the layout and
scheduling of pages which then allows the user to
transfer completed projects to the player unit
• Costs around $3,695
How it works
Capabilities of Magic box
The Goal
• Successfully create a
video communication
for The Hallmark in
order for the elderly
residents to be up-todate with the daily
events, menu, future
events and etcetera.
Objective #1
• Create templates for
The Hallmark so that it
can easy to read for their
Objective #2
• Upload completed templates
onto playback system for
entire building to see through
their televisions
Objective #3
• Create a how to, easy to read
and use, manual for the
Aavelin Composer software
The proposed templates
The dead end
• Change in the networking system
• Went from Time Warner Cable to Direct TV
• Did not incorporate channel
with the new provider
the end that could’ve been
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