Ocean Zone Mural Project Directions

NAME ______________
 Research the types of animals and plants that inhabit your
assigned ocean zone. ____________________________
 Choose two organisms that live in that zone and write
them below. (Be creative! Try to choose an organism that
you think nobody else will select.)
Choice 1 _____________________________
Choice 2 _____________________________
 Meet with the other students that were assigned the same
zone to make final choices regarding which animal or plant
you will make and to brainstorm ideas about creative and
interesting ways to make each animal or plant.
 We will have some books available in class, but if you find
good pictures at home, you are welcome to bring those!
 Research your chosen animal or plant on the computers
here at school.
 Write your information and draw a sketch of your animal
or plant on an index card.
 Finalize your design and supply list.
 You must bring all of your supplies to school by
Thursday or you will receive an EAET!
 Work in class to create your animal or plant.
 You must bring all of the supplies you will need. Please
do not go out and purchase supplies. Use things that
you find at your house (suggestions: foil, balloons, pipe
cleaners, yarn, colorful paper, styrofoam peanuts, paper
plates, glue, etc.). Be creative! Challenge yourself!
The possibilities are endless!!!!!!
 Finish creating your animal or plant.